Shadow Wulf Debuts Latest EP With Monocoder

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 15, 2022

Shadow Wulf Debuts Latest EP With Monocoder

Monocoder debuts on Los Angeles label Shadow Wulf with his latest EP, Images. The release will include the original track “Images”, as well as the collaboration “Follow Me” with talented fellow producer VA O.N.E.

The entire EP has pre-orders available and releases Friday, June 17th.

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Also included on the release are two remixes from VA O.N.E., and Iranian producer BlackTextured. This will be BlackTextured’s second release on Shadow Wulf since his December EP First Shot.

Pre-order ‘Images’ EP

Monocoder (aka Maxim), is a promising musician from Russia, Chelyabinsk. Maxim’s musical project is very new, but it is quickly gaining momentum. Off to a strong start with his first productions in 2020, he has already collaborated with many other musicians on tracks and remixes and has been published on labels Thunderstruck Records, Techgnosis, AlpaKa Muzik, and more.

Premiere: Monocoder “Images” EP – Shadow Wulf

Maxim has always been fascinated with the underground scene, no matter the style and genre of music. His home in Russia has been a huge influence, especially since he was born in an industrial city with a lot of ferrous metallurgy and various industrial enterprises. This environment has heavily influenced his project Monocoder, which is focused on Minimal Techno and Techno.

Connect with Monocoder: SoundCloudBeatportInstagram

Connect with BlackTextured: SoundCloudFacebookBeatportInstagram

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