Seth Troxler’s Epic Cookout for the Homeless in Amsterdam

Author : Jennifer Liu
October 07, 2015

Seth Troxler’s Epic Cookout for the Homeless in Amsterdam


As Amsterdam Dance Event draws nearer, October 14 will see an act of philanthropy. Seth Troxler will be cooking three-course meals for homeless people at one of the walk-in shelters run by De Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam. The group along with ADE, 10,000 Hours, and Troxler himself will draw the community together for a shared love of music and food.

“People shouldn’t be hungry,” the world-renowned DJ states frankly. After a triple winning streak at the annual ADE DJ Cook Off and being a part of the jury twice, Seth talks of his involvement in cooking for the homeless as a move toward larger social change.

“I think people involved in dance music are generally people who are a bit more empathetic. Maybe this comes from dancing or just because of that unity feeling on the dance floor. Because on the dance floor different people and different cultures open up about their lives and open their minds about how they can be as people. So utilizing this movement as in music to also be a social movement is pretty profound.” – Seth Troxler

Music has always been a source of significant change, whether in the realm of creativity or social movement. It is a unifying point that draws little distinction among its participants. Music also creates a subliminal awareness of the fundamental emotions that drive the practice of empathy and of forming community. So with bellies full and infectious smiles, ADE will set the standard as a progressive music event that goes beyond simply showcasing music. ADE liberates the boundaries between craft and appreciation of sound and opens its doors for all to bring a little something to contribute to the experience.