Seth Troxler Completes Kilimanjaro Climb Mission, Raises $97K

Author : Lydia Castillo
July 25, 2016

Seth Troxler Completes Kilimanjaro Climb Mission, Raises $97K

Seth Troxler Completes Kilimanjaro Climb Photo

Seth Troxler and team at the top of Kilimanjaro

In May we reported Seth Troxler would be climbing Kenya’s Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and contributions for the Australian Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s (CBCF) “Million$Mission”. Last night, Seth took to Facebook to report he had survived the trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro stating, “Wow, we made it to the top – this has been the best July for me yet. The buzz of this is incredible, life changing. To do it for brain cancer is even more rewarding.” Seth came in just $2,997 shy of his $100,000 goal with a grand total of $97,003 contributed.

The climb began last Thursday and Seth was accompanied by nine other philanthropists, including CBCF’s founder and renowned Australian neurosurgeon, Charlie Teo. Here is Seth and what he had to say with the first team photo before their 19,000 foot ascent:

Each individual’s mission was to raise $100,000, and have collectively raised $1,210,627 dollars. Surpassing their $1 million dollar goal. Our hats come off for this one to all who participated. Mission complete.

Before you go, Seth is still auctioning 12 records from his vinyl collection for CBCF. Happy bidding!

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