How To Set Up a Spotify Artist Account And Get It Running

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July 15, 2017

How To Set Up a Spotify Artist Account And Get It Running

Spotify has grown to become one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world. More and more people are accessing Spotify on their devices to discover and listen to the music they like. And if we are going to focus on the electronic music genre, Spotify’s benefits are undoubtedly tremendous as well, and we are talking about 12 billion electronic music streams a month. And the number will only get higher as connectivity improves and Spotify reaches to more areas across the globe, continuing to be a serious revenue stream that has made record labels and artists quite happy.

With all that said, it should be a no-brainer for any electronic music producer to establish a presence in Spotify and reach out to a potentially large and global audience. This of course begins with setting up a Spotify artist account.

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Starting an Account

We have prepared an easy step-by-step guide to help you get started and make the most out of the account you will be setting up:

1. Download and open the desktop version of Spotify on your Mac or PC from This version lets you do more than the app versions at the moment, especially for the account setup. The first thing to remember is that Spotify offers two types of page: the artist page that showcases your music and the profile page which is the default page that is created when you set up Spotify.

2. Sign-up for a Spotify account, which is free by the way. We suggest using the username you want as your artist name which will be reflected on your Spotify URL “”. Do not sign up using Facebook though as it will link your artist account to your personal Facebook account. Something you may not want to bother for reasons of privacy and management.

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Building Followers and Playlists

Now that you have a Spotify account, the next step is to build followers and create playlists for the account. You can also get your profile verified, though it is not essential at this point. Provide as much information on the artist page as you can. Make sure it is updated regularly as needed and that it provides a link to your website or other social media accounts available.

The key to attracting new followers is not just the music you release. Your playlists play (pun intended) a big part as well. Here are a few tips when managing your playlists on Spotify:

  • Make sure that your account is updated as soon as you have released a track by releasing the track on Spotify on the same day.
  • Try to be more creative in creating your playlists. They could be anything from an after-party playlist to a playlist for when working at night. This helps your audience get some insight about you as far as music is concerned.
  • If you are giving away free downloads on Soundcloud make sure you use one of the tools to drive followers for Spotify profiles/playlists.
  • Update your tracks and playlists regularly. Spotify recommends daily updates but for a new artist, weekly updates will do.
  • When you update your Spotify with a new track or playlist, make sure you share it across all your other socials, even as a weekly update.

Being Verified as an Artist

Now that your Spotify artist account is set up and running, the next step is for Spotify to verify your account as an artist. This is different from the regular account verification that was pointed out earlier as optional. Verification helps boost your profile as an artist and gets you noticed not only by Spotify’s algorithm but also by Spotify’s content curators as well.

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Normally, artist account verification processes would require an artist to meet a minimum of followers as a requirement. Fortunately, the Spotify artist verification process is now open to all artists, regardless of your number of followers. To initiate the artist verification and to access your artist site, be mindful of this URL:

Once you are verified as an artist, you will see a blue verification check mark next to your artist name, which means your artist profile is now verified. At the same time, you now have access to various tools and information through the “Spotify for Artists” insights system on your dashboard. Here, you can see information such as audience stats (how many listened to your track or which of your songs is trending), as well as the tools to manage your artist profile. You can also make an artist’s pick which lets you recommend tracks to your audience.

We hope you find this guide to be a great help in establishing your Spotify presence as an artist. As long as you follow this guide and continue making great music, you should be on your way to finding success in Spotify.

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