In Interview: Serge Devant Keeps A Balance Amidst Turmoil

Serge Devant Balance
Author : Daisy Magana
May 27, 2020

In Interview: Serge Devant Keeps A Balance Amidst Turmoil

“I’m not going to lie, I kind of like this quarantine,” said Russian DJ Serge Devant over the phone. Serge Devant is finding balance amidst the COVID-19 turmoil. The DJ and producer recognizes he’s fortunate to be riding out the lockdown in Miami. Having lived in New York City before, he knows that living in close and small quarters can be rough. However, it was New York City that started it all for him.

Growing up, Serge Devant frequently visited New York City, and it was during those trips that he got his first taste of the club culture. Unable to resist the club bug, he moved to the Big Apple in 1994 and hasn’t looked back since then. He spent much of his adolescence in the concrete jungle, and it wasn’t until his residency at Crobar NYC where he played alongside Carl Cox and Tiesto that his DJ career went into full throttle. He decided to trade the cityscapes and skyscrapers for oceanviews and palm trees and relocated to Miami, one of the U.S. hubs for dance music.

Listen: Serge Devant Finds Balance in the COVID-19 Turmoil

The whole point of this was taking time off, catching up on making music and getting rest before the summer starts. Once the Ibiza season [started] this summer, it’s back to rock’n’roll. Three to four shows a week, flying every two days…it’s heavy. — Quarantine or not, Serge Devant knew balance was key in preparation for Ibiza

Serge had already planned to take time off during the spring to recoup for music’s peak season: summer. So fortunately for him, not many of his plans have been thrown for a loop. However, the DJ is well aware of the importance of striking a balance between fun and work. All the touring and club sets lend themselves to an unstable sleep schedule. Night becomes day, and even if you haven’t consumed alcohol, your body is running on empty. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle, “It’s always good to take a little bit of time before the summer. Just get in shape, catch up on music, rest,” says Serge. “To me, life is all about balance. You can go, go and go but you can’t forget about recharging batteries and taking time off.” On the phone, Serge seems to be taking things in stride and making lemonade out of lemons not letting COVID-19 bog him down.

Sleep, it’s the most important. Sleep and rest that’s why balance is so important. In partying, in life in general. You need to know your limits and how far you can go. — Serge Devant shares how he keeps a balanced lifestyle

Love at First Sound, An Affair with Music

Danny Tenaglia, Sasha and John Digweed’s records gave Serge Devant an insatiable hunger for the underground and have heavily influenced his musical upbringing in the electronic space. Now Serge Devant has made a name for himself playing alongside some of the leading artists in electronic dance music and banging out stellar productions and remixes. Just this month, he remixed Italian maestros Leon and NiCe7‘s “Please Don’t Leave” (out now via Crosstown Rebels). Buy and listen on all major music streaming platforms. Serge’s remix leans into his signature minimal style and sound with an acid-tinged bassline and a nod to the early hours.

Listen: “Please Don’t Leave” via Crosstown Rebels

Normally when I’m in Miami and I take time off, I don’t really socialize or go out. The whole point of staying home is focus on music, get rest and exercise. Get ready for the season. — Serge Devant on maximizing time


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