Sense Traxx Brings House and Disco to ADE 2018 Alongside Rawsome Recordings and Refuge

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 16, 2018

Sense Traxx Brings House and Disco to ADE 2018 Alongside Rawsome Recordings and Refuge

As the summer comes to a close, all eyes turn to Amsterdam Dance Event to continue the party and as usual Sense Traxx will be throwing their house, disco and good times into the mix. Joining forces with both Rawsome Recordings and Refuge, each label will be showcasing their residents, friends and special guests, and you can join them at Huis van lemand Anders on the 18th October.

After hosting Franky Rizardo, Sidney Charles, Demuja, DJ Caspa, Kevin Over, Kalyde and Illyus & Barrientos in the space of 12 months, it’s been a mammoth year for the Essex-based imprint, who haven’t shied away from making themselves known on a global scale. They’ve showcased two Ibiza events, day and night parties in their hometown of Southend, as well as three shows in the capital at Shoreditch platform, which coincidentally featured as the weekend club pick in the London Evening Standard.

On the music front they’ve gained industry support from the biggest names in the business: De La Swing, Amine Edge & Dance, Pirate Copy, Latmun, Horse Meat Disco and many more. Hosting music by the likes of Todd Terry, Kalyde, PEZNT and Nelson is now something of the norm for Sense Traxx, not to mention their next release by Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark & Angel – A, which brings some serious disco heat to the dancefloor.

Ahead of the event, for which you can find full info HERE, we had a quick chat with organizer and label boss Simon Birkumshaw to talk about ADE, recent happenings with the label and the showcase happening this Thursday, Oct 18th!

Hi Simon, how’s it going? It’s that time of year again, ADE is upon us, can you tell us about the party Sense Traxx have in store for us this year?

It’s going really well thanks, another busy year in the Sense Traxx camp. Yes absolutely I am excited to be getting back to Amsterdam and attending ADE, mainly because this year we are bringing Sense over and hosting an exciting party on Thursday 18 th October. We are teaming up with our friends at Rawsome Recording (US) and Refuge (AUS) so are bringing three points of the globe together for an intimate showcase.

What will make it different from previous parties you’ve put on at ADE? Will there be a few special guests involved?

This will actually be the first time we have thrown an event during the ADE conference, we will feature a selection of artists from our roster and from the other labels including names such as: PEZNT, Nelson, Mad Villains, Greco, Christian Nielsen, Pinto, myself and more.

You’ve had a big year of putting on events. From Shoreditch Platform in London to Ibiza parties and hometown gatherings, what have been the highlights for you?

We certainly have had some amazing parties this year, I reckon our party with Sidney Charles in Southend or our first party at Shoreditch Platform was one of my favorites, however, we still are yet to host our biggest party of 2018… Our 6th Birthday with Artwork on the 1 st December in Southend.

You’ve hosted the likes of Illyus & Barrientos, Franky Rizardo, Kalyde, DJ Caspa and many more, what is the secret to choosing the right DJ for your events? Does Sense have a specific criterion?

For us it needs to be an artist we are invested into musically and potentially that represents the sound we love, house music. Although some may think our line-ups can vary, we don’t want to be known as the brand that think they are too cool for school nor a bit of a commercial brand chasing the big names, but more just DJs and producers we feel represent the sound of quality house music.

For every big name we book, we ensure we are still supporting more smaller underground artists to keep the balance.

You seem to be progressing as each event goes by, what would be your main tip for people that want to start their own label or parties?

I think you have to be prepared to fail and willing to go above and beyond the next person, create your own unique style and vibe and make sure you stand for something, with no identity you are just another label, brand or event doing the same as the next person.

You’ve just released some huge records, Todd Terry, PEZNT and Nelson are amongst the names – are there any future tracks you can tell us about?

Yes, we are super pleased with the results of the recent release’s – hopefully we can continue to keep the label growing. Our next release on Sense Traxx comes from an artist called Mike ‘Agent X Clark; Angel-A, it was signed purely on the love of the song, it’s soulful and just what we feel represents quality house music. This will also feature remixes from Scott Diaz, myself and Nachtbraker.

We hear there’s another Sense Traxx birthday coming up, are there plans for a party?

Yes, this year we celebrate our 6th birthday and we have invited someone we feel fits perfect to what we are doing. Artwork is a DJ and producer who has a wide knowledge and taste in music and ticks many boxes to which we look for when booking the big birthday bookings.

Finally, what is the maddest thing you’ve seen at ADE?

It’s Amsterdam so it’s full of different and interesting people, if I am honest I have never seen anything completely out of the ordinary, but there are always some funny moments, I guess I have seen a car in the canal floating along, which was quite funny.

All info for this year’s Sense Traxx ADE party can be found HERE