Secret Society Hosts Doc Martin and Alix Alvarez

Author : Victor Arellano
October 08, 2015

Secret Society Hosts Doc Martin and Alix Alvarez

Los Angeles is no stranger to the underground house/techno scene. With new artists, labels, and events popping up all over California, Los Angeles has always harvested an epicenter for underground culture in the United States. The drill used, what we will call for the sake for this article: “The Underground System”, essentially consists of getting very specific contact information from the promoters throwing “The Underground” and waiting till a day before (and in a lot of cases, the day of ) to get full address information for the event. The world renowned electronic music empire of what is Insomniac Events, believe it or not, use to operate under this system.

The reason this benefits our culture: we like to party ALL NIGHT LONG. Unfortunately a lot of clubs in America close at 2am. Who wants to go home at 2am? We are a “6am” type of crowd and are going in it for the full ride. The difficulty with these types of events is that they must be skillfully executed to ensure that the event will not get closed down by law enforcement and that us, the party goers, get to enjoy a full proper night of house music festivities.

With all this being said, the upcoming of underground events tend to be on the lower end of spectrum, with most promoters sticking to the conventional club venue to ensure that the event will not be shut down and that the DJ, most likely a world renowned globe trotting DJ, gets his full set.

On Friday October 16th, a new event “Secret Society LA” (a group of close producers and DJ’s) will be hosting their first underground party in Downtown Los Angeles. With West Coast legend Doc Martin and east coast native Alix Alvarez on the bill, the venue is sure to be filled with “straight to the point” house music pulling influences from the opposite ends of the US. Doc Martin is no stranger to playing the undergrounds in Los Angeles, as well as the world for that matter. Alix, the mastermind behind Secret Society, boasts a trail of popular releases including a release on Josh Winks label “Ovum”. Also on the roster are LA locals Subvision (lmtd. Sound), NuModern, and Inbtwn.

The event is a stem from a series events that actually happen on the east coast. Now Los Angeles gets to get a taste of what Secret Society has to offer. It should definitely be one on your list for that Friday night, especially if you’re looking for that signature “no limit” experience that underground party’s offer to their goers. And if you’ve never experienced that, well now is your chance. Just make sure you have a good day or two to recover (wink wink).


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