Secret Cinema Shares 5 Of His Favorite Records, Ever

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 17, 2019

Secret Cinema Shares 5 Of His Favorite Records, Ever

A key figure on the Dutch scene since 1991. An international headlining artist known for his sets in Berghain, Space Ibiza, Womb Tokio, Watergate, his frequent Elrow gigs or headlining every major festival in the Netherlands. Gem Records label boss responsible for moving the careers of Egbert, Enrico Sangiuliano and Reinier Zonneveld forward. Steady producer of countless essential techno classics for over 25 years. One of the most original and down to earth pioneers of electronic music on the planet. All legitimate ways to describe Jeroen Verheij a.k.a. Secret Cinema.

Looking back on his career with releases on Gem, EC, Drumcode and Cocoon that defined the sound of eras for many clubbers of several generations and headlining stages across the globe Secret Cinema still feels he must accomplish more. “It’s funny, but after 25 years I feel I still haven’t reached my goal. Slowly but surely, I am still growing towards it. I always feel I need to prove myself. But maybe that is the driving force I need to keep going. It’s always been that way really. Balance is of the essence”.

We asked him to look back at the countless records he has played through his long and illustrious career and share 5 of his favorite records, ever.

Choice – Acid Eiffel

One of my all-time favourites. I sometimes play it when I do marathon sets as it’s a quite long journey. Either closing or opening, it will never disappoint if the crowd has the patience.

Secret Cinema and Egbert – Maximaal

I know it’s our own, but it is a crowd favourite. people always ask me to play it, so yes…. I have it with me always.

Planetary Assault System – Om the Def

A fantastic ‘has it all’ techno track. Fat synths, cool change in the middle. It’s a story I always like to play.

Kas:st – Base 4

This one ticks all the boxes: pumping, hypnotic and party without being cheesy at all. This is a timeless track.

69 – Rushed

This is Carl Craig in full force. It inspired me to make Secret Cinema – Timeless Altitude. So I always carry this for when the time is right.

Secret Cinema is playing B2B with Egbert at Music On Festival on May 11th-12th in Amsterdam

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