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May, 25 2023

Premiere: Pegah “Woman Life Freedom” – Ort...

This EP by Germany based techno producer Pegah is the first release by “Ort...

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May, 24 2023

Premiere: Taint “Brain Freeze” – Oneiros Records

Introducing the latest release from Oneiros Records, brought to you by the talented Irish...

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May, 23 2023

Premiere: Deadriot “Glitch_S” – Krater Music

Making music for almost 15 years now Markus and Dennis make music as Deadriot....

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May, 10 2023

Premiere: Stina Francina “Unhinged” – Streck Studio

Berlin based Stina Francina goes crazy with her aptly tilted hard techno track “Unhinged” fresh...

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April, 19 2023

Premiere: SWEEPR “Wait”

SWEEPR found inspiration for the first track on the Night Shift EP, “Wait,” during...

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March, 17 2023

Premiere: Sigrid Rosier “Inferno”

Sigrid Rosier‘s Inferno is a slow, grounding burn. It combines 2 different genres (techno...

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March, 10 2023

From House to Techno: Getting CRSSD at...

If you’ve never heard of one of Southern California’s most exciting events to catch...

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March, 09 2023

Premiere: Secus “Dark Journey” – RITUALS

Secus has been involved in the techno scene for over a decade, first discovering...

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March, 08 2023

Premiere: WTCHCRFT “CALMA BB” – Noise Manifesto

Celebrated for his high-octane tracks that ignite the dancefloor, Brooklyn-based artist WTCHCRFT is amongst...

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March, 03 2023

Premiere: ABSL “Wake-up!” – Mama told ya

On March 10, 2023, ABSL will release MTY008 «It’s just a bad dream», the...

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