Sankeys Sábados Gives Female DJs a Voice

Author : Torie Richardson
February 03, 2016

Sankeys Sábados Gives Female DJs a Voice



(Not-so) fun fact: according to Female Pressure, only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female, and even less than that are on music label rosters. In such a male-dominated industry, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see opportunities where female DJs have the spotlight. David Vincent, the owner of Sankeys Ibiza, is offering just that.

His most recent idea has finally been brought to fruition in the form of SankeysSabados.  SankeysSabados is a free party committed to giving female DJs a voice and the chance to play at Sankeys Ibiza on Saturdays from February 6th to April 23rd.

“My industry have never really helped woman DJs on the same equal level as men (I don’t want to go into it right now), but there is definitely a glass ceiling happening, look at the Resident Advisor results for 2015 for proof of this. There were only 4 female DJs in the Resident Advisor top 100 2015, Nina Kraviz, tINI, Margaret Dygas & Nicole Moudaber. Surely there needs to be a more equal balance with males than there currently is. No way should it be 96% men and 4% women”

Despite widespread popularity of many leading ladies of dance music, the numbers remain staggering, with Sankeys Sabados hoping to shed light on the topic and give equal opportunity to everyone.

The women who play at Sankeys Sábados for this will also have the potential to win a worldwide residency with the Sankeys Group come summer. Kicking things off on February 6th at Sankeys Sabados will be a variety of talented female DJ’s such as Lisa Chadderton, Stephanie Rosse, and Davina Moss.

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Sankey Sabados