Manni Dee Drops ‘Idolise the Ugly,’ New EP

Premiere: S.L.A.M. Records true to form with Manni Dee
Author : Nathan Christopher
March 25, 2021

Manni Dee Drops ‘Idolise the Ugly,’ New EP

Manni Dee is no stranger to good techno music. South London’s warehouse scene would be found lacking without a certain dynamic to make the windows shake and the air excited. He has encompassed what this dynamic offers, and has been gradually maintaining a global stage, from London to LA, and Bogota to Berlin. Manni Dee‘s most recent EP Idolise the Ugly features four tracks to be desired for the return of live events. 

S.L.A.M. (South London Analog Material) is making an imprint of their gritty, punching sound. The focus of their catalog has been committed to driving techno, and it shows. Manni Dee fits well into this label, but has also released records on Perc Trax and Tresor Records, among others. This recent EP includes two vocal features from the DJ and producer Louisahhh, a punk-themed dance icon. In the era of lockdown releases, these two make a glorious addition to the highly anticipated selections. The EP was mastered at Glowcast Mastering by Conor Dalton.

Premiere: Manni Dee “Delicious Repetitious” (Idolise the Ugly EP)

The momentum of a doldrum that is quarantine has been a challenge and an opportunity for music makers. Morbidly, the stagnation has created more time to create the energy so desperately craved by ravers. Selectors will have more to choose from than ever before, once the return of the warehouse begins. This EP in particular will stand as a testament to the unwavering artists who keep the memory of dance floors in the back of minds.

Watch Manni Dee “War Cry” (Music Video)


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