Rudosa’s Trip Down Memory Lane to ‘Back in the Day’

Back In The Day
Author : Max Spruill
February 21, 2023

Rudosa’s Trip Down Memory Lane to ‘Back in the Day’

Rudosa’s new techno release ‘Back in the Day’ is a trip down memory lane with its ‘90s influenced style. It’s fast-paced percussion rhythms and funky grooves draw reference to the hard groove style that was championed by DJs like Ben Sims and Marco Bailey.

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It’s a slight change in direction for Rudosa who had been making ravey, hard techno that orientates around powerful lead synths with lots of acid and the occasional hits of euphoria. This latest release keeps the tempo fast but lets the drums take more of a lead role.

All four of the tracks have a rave aesthetic with the title track leading the charge with its muffled stabs and flittering high-end percussion that lays the foundation for the jazzy chords of the lead synth.

“Naughty Pleasure” has a jacking groove with filtered vocals and razor-sharp high-end percussion that cuts through the mix to give emphasis to the offbeat.

“Fresh” is a little more stripped back than what’s come before it, and has an acid synth line that’s overlayered with a cheeky little vocal.

“Lota” is the darkest track on the release with an intense synth line that is shrouded in an aura of dystopian textures and pushed forward by a thumping kick drum.

Back In The Day from We Are The Brave on Beatport

Rudosa – Back In The Day

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