Roy Leibovitz Discusses the Launch of New “Pills on Heels” Label by Hard To Tell and Nariz

Pills on Heels
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 07, 2020

Roy Leibovitz Discusses the Launch of New “Pills on Heels” Label by Hard To Tell and Nariz

Pills On Heels is the brand new label from Israel’s finest Hard To Tell and Nariz. The trio, made up of Roy Leibovitz, Roi Zarhi and Ron Atias, is set to bring the very best in dark and moody tech and begins its journey with the Night Cookies EP, which you can find here.

Hard To Tell is an Israeli musical duo of DJs and music producers consisting of Roy Leibovitz and Roi Zarhi . They are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

We talked to Roy recently about the launch of the new label and what fans can expect from it.

Hi Roy, great to have the chance to speak with you today. Let’s jump straight into it then! Can you tell us a bit about the new label Pills On Heels, how it started and who is involved?

Hi, how are you? Pills On Heels was started by myself Roy Leibovitz and Roi Zarhi aka Hard To Tell, and Nariz. The label brings influences from melodic house and techno through organic grooves, and creates a musical home for many artists.

How would you best describe the music you make to someone who is yet to hear it?

We have been in the music industry for many years and over the years we have found many different genres of music that we are influenced by and just bring it all together in one place; our studio. I think the most important thing is that you love and believe in your product and that way you will have an easy time succeeding in what you do. These days I personally find myself making music that is much more chilled than I usually do because of the situation we are in, we realised that people now listen to our music in their homes and not on the dance floors as we are used to.

I can tell you right now that our next release will be far more chilled than ‘Night Cookies’.

How has the scene in Israel been affected with the COVID crisis? Do you expect to be behind the decks again any time soon?

Here in Israel things are still closed, we can have only small events of up to 50 people. I believe it will take quite some time before we can get to a normal routine. Regarding the big events, shows and festivals, I don’t think that will happen until 2021 for sure.

With this release being a threeway of creative minds, how was the process writing all together? Do you take on separate rolls within the studio?

There are no rules in the studio! Each of just sits down at the computer or a synth and does his magic.

What is your current studio set up like? Are you hardware heads?

The truth is that we have two studios here in Tel Aviv, we really like the feel of real synths, there is nothing else like it, it feels so natural and real. We recently bought the Moog One, we also use a lot of plugins for effects and other synths. I think what really matters is the final result of your music.

This is only the first release for the label, was can we expect to see over the coming months? Will it just be you releasing your own music or are there guests on the way?

So ‘Night Cookies’ is the first release of many to come in the future, we have a lot of music to release from both ourselves and other artists.

What will be the first song you play when you get behind the decks again?

Cookies, because I have to see how it works on the floor!

Hard To Tell & Nariz Night Cookies EP is out on Pills On Heels and available HERE