Roland Commemorates 909 Day with Release of More Than 30 New Products

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 09, 2016

Roland Commemorates 909 Day with Release of More Than 30 New Products

Roland Future

The big day is finally here: 909 Day. And Roland, the company behind the iconic and genre-defying TR-808 and 909 drum machines, is set to commemorate the 33rd Anniversary of the 909 with a ground-breaking and innovative event: a globe-wide initiative lasting a full 24 hours on September 9th (today), and taking place in eight cities with more than 30 new products debuting via live streaming demos and artist performances.

The event is so unique and iconic that Roland has dubbed it a “24-hour music festival,” aiming to redefine the future of its brand by fusing liveliness and diversity.

The live video stream kicked off at midnight EST on Friday morning (9pm PST on Thursday night) and can be viewed through the embedded video below, so you can keep it opened throughout the day to stay up to date with all the news and product releases. You can view the schedule of the events here.


Based on an in-depth review of press releases and hints of the past few weeks, has released a list of products that should be rolled out in these long 24 hours:

Synthesizer category: 4 products
Piano & Keyboards category: 6 products
Dance DJ Category: 3 products
Drums & Percussion category: 10 products
Video Switcher category (new category): 1 product
Amplifier Category: 4 (Boss) products
Effects Category: 1 (Boss) product