Rising Techno Artist WBR Debuts EP

Techno Artist WBR
Author : Daisy Magana
September 11, 2020

Rising Techno Artist WBR Debuts EP

Rising techno artist WBR debuts EP called A Child’s Story. Influenced by the likes of Hadone, Schacke and Emmanuel, Berlin-based DJ and producer WBR also looks to genres outside of electronic music. Hip-hop plays a role in his musical upbringing and now is ready to release music that rings true to him.

The EP titled after the first track goes deeper than just grooves. “A Child’s Story” represents WBR’s vision of his past. The track creates feelings from his time when he was a child and growing up.

6AM Premiere: Techno Artist WBR Debuts EP A Child’s Story (Mitsu2000)

WBR likes to produce his tracks with fast and rowdy hi-hats to create some spirit in it. His sounds are known for vigorous kicks and an impressing rhythm. WBR’s aim is to emphasize the faster and deeper side of the underground techno with melodic trance sounds.

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Tracklist of the EP:
1. A Child‘s Story
2. I Will Never Fall In Love
3. Come To You
4. I Will Never Fall In Love (Pro Athlete Remix)
5. I Will Never Fall In Love (Rill Remix)

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