Rising Atop the Techno Scene with Xenia

Xenia Q&A
Author : Max Spruill
April 27, 2023

Rising Atop the Techno Scene with Xenia

Xenia‘s story is an epic tale of triumph, showcasing how hard work and an unbreakable desire to conquer the challenging path of electronic music can lead to extraordinary success.

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Hailing from a small village in Western Ukraine, Xenia was born in 1996 and spent her childhood there. From a young age, she showed a keen interest in music and started playing musical instruments. She even enrolled in a music school in a neighboring village to learn the accordion, which meant she had to travel a grueling 20-kilometer journey several times a week with her massive accordion case in tow. Her unwavering dedication to music was evident, and she was determined to make it her life’s mission.

In 2013, at the age of 18, Xenia moved to Kiev and joined the University of Technology and Design. But her true passion lay on the other side of the DJ table. She dove headfirst into the Kiev nightlife scene, honing her DJ skills and playing at small private events. In 2016, she made her debut on the Radio Intense streaming project with two video DJ mixes that each garnered over a million views. This was a game-changing moment for Xenia’s DJ career.

Realizing that being a DJ was not enough, Xenia built a home studio in 2018 to produce her own music. She quickly became a resident at the legendary Kiev afterparty club, Heaven, and gained a loyal following in Ukraine. By the end of the year, Xenia was headlining club events and major festivals throughout her homeland.

Xenia’s star continued to rise as she collaborated with Radio Intense, regularly releasing videos that showcased her talents. She also became an increasingly influential figure on the international electronic music scene, releasing tracks on prestigious labels like Codex, Set About, IAMT, and Stickrecrodings.

The pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 were not wasted for Xenia, as she continued to produce amazing music and shoot cool videos. She even joined Analog, one of the world’s best talent agencies, preparing to make a big splash in the near future and win the hearts of techno lovers around the world. With her unstoppable drive, Xenia is undoubtedly the hottest and fastest-growing techno artists out there.

Continuing to gain popularity as each day passes, Xenia talks with SIX AM about her musical background and her path as a musician, her rise to popularity, and some upcoming things she’s excited for on her packed schedule.Xenia Q&A

Hey Xenia, its a pleasure to have you here at SIX AM! Hows everything going?

Hey guys! Many thanks for inviting me! I am thrilled to be talking with you today. Everything is going great here, thank you for asking. Currently, I am touring around Europe and performing in many wonderful gigs, which makes me feel incredibly happy and fulfilled.


Youve been involved in music ever since you were little, playing several instruments as a young child. How do you think your childhood musical background has influenced your current path as an artist?

Actually, I have been playing the accordion since I was 10 years old. Additionally, I am able to play the fortepiano with my right hand only, as it is similar to the accordion. Currently, I am learning to play the drums, which I love so much. I am confident that this is the perfect musical instrument for me, although it is very difficult. However, I have never been fond of things that are simple.

I strongly believe that music education is one of the most important and necessary aspects for all children. It develops sensitivity and enhances emotional intelligence, which is crucial because emotions control a person’s life. I would also like to thank my parents for providing me with a musical education, even though we lived in a small village where it was difficult to find music teachers. This education has undoubtedly helped me in my current profession. I have been familiar with music theory since childhood, and I am accustomed to working with it. Therefore, I have no difficulties when it comes to constructing melodies and developing a sense of rhythm.


The turntables are much different from the accordion, how did you get involved in electronic music and nightlife? What made you want to start producing music?

I grew up on a street called Priclubna, which means “at the club” in Ukrainian! The only club in our village was right in front of my parents’ house. Since everyone knew each other in the village, it was a safe area and no one controlled the age of visitors, so I started going to discotheques when I was 13 years old. In the same club, I played the role of a DJ by playing music from my phone since there were no mixers or players available. It was funny enough, but I had a great time with my friends, and I was pleased that people liked my music.

I also listened to electronic music from a young age thanks to my cousin, who gave me his computer filled with the latest and classic electronic music. When I moved to Kyiv and started hanging out in the clubs of the capital, I realized that I wanted to learn how to play and be a DJ. I didn’t see myself in other areas, especially in the one I studied.

I was inspired to start writing music by familiar DJs from Ukraine who traveled all around the world with their performances. Let’s just say, I also wanted to travel to different countries like them, play for various audiences, and I understood that releasing my tracks could be exactly what would give me recognition in the world of electronic music. If the music is good, I would definitely be invited to play at many cool places.Xenia Q&A


You quickly gained popularity in your home country of Ukraine, and then gained international influence releasing tracks on various prestigious labels worldwide. How does it feel to be a representative of Ukraine in the electronic music industry, especially with all thats been happening over there in recent history?

To be honest, when I was 19 and just learning how to play, I had this idea that I would become super popular right away (laughs). However, it didn’t happen as quickly as I wanted it to when I first started. It took me many years of hard work to reach the level I am at now. I have had to perform at many gigs, network with people in the industry, and constantly create new music to get to where I am today. I am grateful for all the hard work that I have put in, and it has definitely paid off.

As a representative of Ukraine in the electronic music industry, I feel incredibly proud of my heritage and the talent that exists within our country. Despite the challenges that we have faced in recent history, including the ongoing war conflict and political instability, our music scene has continued to thrive and produce world-class artists.

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the music and creativity of my fellow Ukrainians in the electronic music industry. It’s inspiring to see so many talented artists rising to fame and achieving global recognition. I am very grateful for the support that we have received from people all over the world and I am proud to be a part of the Ukrainian electronic music scene.


You have continued to gain popularity at an astonishing rate, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Where did you see your path as an artist taking you when you first started your career, and compare it with where you are now. Furthermore, where do you see your career taking you in 5 years from now?

Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in my work. As a young international artist, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to different countries to perform my music. It’s been a great experience so far, and I feel like there’s so much more to come.

When I first started my career, I never would have imagined that I would be where I am today. But looking back, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. I truly believe that dreams can come true if you work hard enough and never give up.

As for the future, it’s hard to predict exactly where I’ll be in five years. But my goal is to continue playing and developing as an artist. I want to become a great DJ whose name is associated with unforgettable moments at raves all over the world. And while I want my parties to be huge, I don’t want them to be commercial. I strive to stay underground and true to my roots. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to take on.

Thank you again for your support. It means a lot to me as I continue to pursue my dreams and passions.Xenia Q&A


You have some exciting gigs coming up soon such as Ikarus in Germany, Verknipt in The Netherlands, Weekend Beach Festival in Malaga and Echelon Festival in Germany. Are there any particular events and places youre extra excited about and why?

I am always thrilled and overjoyed to perform in new places that I have never been before. The excitement of stepping into an unfamiliar environment and connecting with a new audience is truly exhilarating. I am also eagerly looking forward to playing at all the festivals that you mentioned.

Among the festivals that you mentioned, I have only had the opportunity to visit Verknipt so far, and it was an incredible experience. The atmosphere was unreal, the sound and lighting were impeccable, and the people’s behavior on the dance floor was something I’ll never forget. It was a paradise for DJs, and I can’t wait to have my debut at this festival.

I have a special affinity for playing in Germany and Spain as they have always been very dear to me when it comes to partying and experiencing unique, memorable moments. Thus, I am thrilled to be playing at festivals like Ikarus, Echelon, and Weekend Beach in Malaga, which are currently on my schedule. The mere thought of playing at these festivals makes me incredibly happy, and I cannot wait to see what kind of energy and excitement they will bring.


What are some other upcoming events and releases that we should be on the lookout for coming from you soon?

I am thrilled to share that my schedule for the next few months is jam-packed with shows across Europe and beyond. I absolutely love playing live and connecting with my fans, so I am looking forward to each and every performance that is coming up.

There are several exciting events in the pipeline, such as my debut in Zurich on May 20th at Kraftwerk, and my upcoming gig in Berlin on April 29th at the Suicide Club. Furthermore, I have multiple performances lined up in Spain during May and June, with shows in cities like Madrid, Girona, Lleida, Burgos, and Zaragoza. In the end of May, I will also be playing in Cyprus, followed by shows in Bergamo and Turin in Italy in June.

One of the highlights of my summer tour is my return to Brazil in mid-July, where I will be performing in Sao Paulo and Curitiba. Then, in August, I will embark on the South America 2 tour, where I will be playing in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Colombia. I am beyond excited to connect with my fans in South America and create unforgettable memories together.

In terms of my music releases, I am currently working on some exciting new projects, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. However, I am thrilled to announce that in autumn, I will be releasing new music on Voxnox, one of my favorite labels.Xenia Q&A


Thanks so much for chatting with us Xenia! Is there anything else you would like to share?

It was a great pleasure to talk with you guys! And again, thank you for your invitation!

To give you an update on what I’ve been up to, I have recorded numerous exclusive mixes for prominent channels on SoundCloud, including Techno Germany Podcast and True Underground, among others, this year. These mixes are also shared on my social media platforms. Will be happy if you give them a listen and enjoy the sets that contain lots of unreleased music from myself and other talented producers who are my friends.

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