Richie Hawtin Suddenly Drops New Album

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 10, 2015

Richie Hawtin Suddenly Drops New Album

Richie Hawtin

Earlier this week, Richie Hawtin admitted he was behind the recent mysterious white labels released on Plus 8 through Berlin’s Hard Wax record store.

He specified through an interview with Electronic Beats that the tracks in those EPs Рproduced under various aliases such as Plastikman, Childsplay and Robotman Рwere part of an LP in the making. Although we were expecting the latest EP in the series to come out on Friday, it has since turned out that we are being treated to the full LP release, entitled From My Mind To Yours.

Not incidentally, the album dropping on December 11th 2015 marks 25 years of Plus 8 and contains tracks he has produced under other monikers such F.U.S.E., 80xx and Circuit Breaker.

Update: Richie has released the album for free streaming. Enjoy!

Full Tracklist:

01. Richie Hawtin – No Way Back
02. Childsplay – Stretching
03. Robotman – Simple Simon
04. F.U.S.E. – Them
05. F.U.S.E. – Close
06. Plastikman – Purrkusiv
07. Plastikman – Gymnastiks
08. Circuit Breaker – Systematic
09. 80xx – Creepr
10. Plastikman – Akrobatix
11. Plastikman – Cirkus
12. 80xx – Creatur
13. 80xx – Grindr
14. Plastikamn vs. F.U.S.E. – EXpanded
15. R.H.X. – Xtension

[Source: RA]