Ribé Returns With Modular LP ”Las Noches”

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Author : Chelsi Sherrell
July 05, 2022

Ribé Returns With Modular LP ”Las Noches”

PoleGroup is proud to present the modular Spanish maestro Ribé on the upcoming LP Las Noches. With ten tracks, Ribé explores the scientific side of techno and its sound, all while extracting the best from his massive patch panel.

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“Las Noches” is the first cut of the LP — starting with relaxed drums and texturized bleeps running linearly and hypnotically with only a few hi-hats added and sub frequencies playing in a subtle manner. Following is “Grandes Valles”, a track full of alien-type sequences that run over treated textures that are flared with precise drum work.  “Anomalía” goes heavier on the low spectrum, with a distorted kick setting the track’s pace — micro drones and atmospheres get along the groove to create the essence of a long, dark tunnel experience.

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The fourth track “Melancolía” is crisp and percussive, with a broken rhythm marching on and the synth sequence growing and evolving acutely. “Diverso” flies directly to hyperspace with micro bleeps that run over distorted, almost kickless elements. “Ellipsis” provides the drum solo in this collection with several modules triggering funky synthetic grooves. Following is the track, “Súcubo”, a floaty yet melancholic and ambient track with heavy drum hits that create an industrial ballad.

Premiere: Ribé “Melancolia” – PoleGroup

Nearing the end of the LP is “Diagnóstico”, a track that incorporates bass as the main component in minimalistic and experimental sound dynamics. “Panacea” closes the album with techno weaponry filled with only kicks and synths duetting one another.

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