Revealing Layers with Niki Sadeki

Niki Sadeki Layers EP
Author : Max Spruill
February 02, 2023

Revealing Layers with Niki Sadeki

Niki Sadeki is an Iranian-Canadian artist who was already well established as a DJ before starting to release music. This has given her an edge as a producer, as she knows what works on the dance floor and her tracks have proven popular with other DJs.

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Out now, is Niki Sadeki’s latest release, which is an EP on Jacob Groening’s Kamai Music that along with three of her original tracks, also has a remix by El Mundo. Her original tracks are deep and techy with melodic grooves and lots of atmosphere.

El Mundo and Niki Sadeki run a label called Quetame with their friend Zazou. Niki Sadeki boasts previous releases on her own record label along with other imprints such as down. and Kiosk I.D.

Stepping up on remix duty, El Mundo has featured tracks on the likes of Café Del Mar Music and Do Not Sit. His remix on this release is testament to his production skills as he stays true to the original while also doing just enough to put his own stamp on things.

“Going on to Glory” has glitchy percussion textures and fluttering melodies that overlay the soothing tones of ethereal pads. “March of the Living” has drawn out pads complemented by a tinkling melody synth that leads to an extended breakdown section with a lurching bassline. “One Lane Bridge” has spiralling pads and a pulsating bassline at the core of its upbeat groove. El Mundo’s remix of Going on to Glory is a stripped back version that focuses on bringing out the atmosphere of the original.

You can purchase the release HERE

Niki Sadeki – Layers EP

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