Resources For American Artists and Nightlife Professionals Affected by COVID-19

Nightlife industry COVID-19
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 23, 2020

Resources For American Artists and Nightlife Professionals Affected by COVID-19

Nightlife professionals and artists, you’re not alone. We have all been hit hard by the forced lockdown and closures mandated to combat COVID-19 and it sure seems like the next few months are not going to get any easier. Stay positive though, because together we must help one another to make it through all these obstacles thrown at us. It is with this in mind that we are sharing key resources for American artists and nightlife professionals affected by COVID-19 in this article.

In the last week and a half the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has changed the way we live in unimaginable ways, and the nightlife scene in the United States, and our home in Los Angeles in particular, have been suffering since. While whole sectors of the local, state and country-wide economy are affected, there is no doubt that the entertainment, film, hospitality and nightlife industries are some of the worst-hit by the indefinite lockdown measures now in place to “flatten the curve” and mitigate the spread and death toll of the virus. We aren’t in a confirmed recession yet, but it will surprise no one once we officially are.

It all started with the cancellations of South by Southwest conference in Austin, followed by Goldenvoice postponing Coachella and Ultra canceling their 2020 edition. The live music industry was about to change in drastic ways, soon later coming to a complete halt in the vast majority of the United States, but also Europe, Asia and beyond.

We don’t doubt that companies such as AEG and Live Nation will be able to weather the storm, but industry professionals throughout the United States and in our home of Los Angeles are already struggling to keep up with incoming rent/mortgage payments, bills and basic survival needs such as food. Small-capacity, independent nightclubs, promoters and artists are living an unprecedented career and financial nightmare, and one they cannot simply avoid.

Patrick Adler, a researched at the University of Toronto and a PhD candidate at UCLA who studies music festivals and the live-music economy went on record to the Los Angeles Times, “Most smaller places don’t have one month of rent on hand, so two months will destroy them.”

“Adler estimates that only 5% of promoters and 30% of artists can continue their careers in this environment, and they weren’t well-off to begin with.” Los Angeles Times

His research data, compiled alongside University of Toronto colleague Ricard Florida, points to Los Angeles promoters and artists to be the most affected by the shutdowns of any other city in the United States. The reason? Southern California is the nation’s preeminent destination for major music festivals, with one in 10 hosted here. Los Angeles, in particular, is the hub of the country’s live music industry.

Resources For American Artists and Nightlife Professionals Affected by COVID-19

While we wait to understand what Federal assistance is coming our way, we wanted to share resources for American artists and nightlife professionals affected by COVID-19. We hope that you can use these to find some relief and assistance during these trying and uncertain times.

In the wake of venue closures, the Recording Academy’s MusiCares foundation announced a $2-million relief fund to help artists and music industry professionals affected by the pandemic, as have Sweet ReliefMusic Fund of L.A. and the American Federation of Musicians.

A number of other organizations are also featured on this resource list for freelance artists.

Additionally, if If you are a 1099 worker who lost your job and your state is declared a major disaster area by the Federal Government you may be able to apply for State Unemployment. California’s request for major disaster declaration was approved by President Trump in the last 24 hours, meaning that 1099 workers in this state can apply for State Unemployment in our home state now. Please note that laws and policies on this matter vary from state to state.

“A Presidential Disaster Declaration can make federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) available for individuals effected by a disaster. DUA is a federal program that provides temporary unemployment assistance to individuals whose work or self-employment is interrupted due to a major natural disaster and who do not qualify for regular state-provided UI benefits, such as farmworkers, business owners and the self-employed.”

More information on how to apply here.

How You Can Help Us at 6AM

At 6AM we are ourselves facing difficult and trying times as all our future events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future, and we aren’t going to be seeing refunds for the artist fees that we paid. We don’t want to ask for financial help without giving something in return, as we understand that many of you are in the same boat and facing financial and personal hardship in the months to come.

Instead, we have chosen to launch the 6AM #AntiCovidTechnoClub t-shirt and campaign, asking techno fans all over the world to unite from their homes to fight COVID-19 by staying inside, always following #SocialDistancing, and washing your hands well and often.

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We will rave together again, but it will take all of us doing our part for that to happen sooner rather than later. The techno community is hurting, and we are hurting not being able to be on a dance floor with you all, but we must remain positive, united and strong.

A portion from all proceeds will be donated to the Pandemic Relief Fund by United Way to support L.A. County’s unsheltered residents who are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus, and low-income individuals, students and families at imminent risk of homelessness and hardships due to health and economic impacts of coronavirus. More info here.

By joining our Anti Covid Techno Club you will not only be joining our techno community in the fight against coronavirus, but will assist 6AM and our staff through these tough months of cancelled events.

To support us pre-order the Anti Covid Techno Club tee-shirt HERE and join our fight against COVID-19.