Resident Advisor Launches iOS App

Author : Micah
June 24, 2015

Resident Advisor Launches iOS App

ra the guide

Resident Advisor has officially released RA Guide. an interactive iOS “events app. The electronic dance music community has been itching for an app like this for quite some time; Resident Advisor has always been a one-stop-shop for dance culture, and now their entire database is accessible in an easy-to-use, visually appealing mobile format. With thousands of weekly listings, the RA Guide appears to be an intuitive new resource for dance music enthusiasts.  Built entirely in-house, the RA Guide features listings from more than 120 countries, with over a million listings of artists, clubs, promoters and more.


How the RA Guide works:

– Add your favourite DJs and artists from your iTunes library

– Follow DJs, promoters and clubs to get custom listings

– Get recommendations based on your location

– Buy tickets to events directly in the app

– Share events w/ friends on Facebook and Twitter

The RA Guide can now be downloaded in the iOS app store and in iTunes.