Request Lorraine: 10 Tracks of the Moment

Request Lorraine
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 03, 2020

Request Lorraine: 10 Tracks of the Moment

Israeli producer Request Lorraine drops a debut album on Sadan featuring eight experimental cuts entitled Reality Vista.

Request Lorraine is a Tel-Aviv based producer and multi-instrumentalist with a background in classical
music who takes influence from a vast array of genres and styles, channeling them all together to form
his own sound. His debut release “Reality Vista” on Tel-Aviv based contemporary A/V label and platform, Sadan, is a testimony of his eclecticism, characterized by constantly evolving sound structures, crystallic synths, hypnotic deep-space noise, and a strong will to remain unchained to any sort of limitation.

Reality Vista flows effortlessly like an ever-twisting journey through space, and often tip toes into territories that compliment a club setting as much as they do an introspective, personal listening

We asked Request Lorraine to share his current 10 favorite tracks with you.

Enjoy the selection below!

Gantz – Supreme A

One of my favorite producers, he does off-kilter dubstep like no one else and his approach to sampling and rhythm is really interesting and unique.

Sovereign – Truly

Probably the nicest UK Garage tune I have ever heard, this was the first track in this mythological UKG mix that was up on YouTube 10 years ago but sadly got deleted.

Bambooman – Time

I am a sucker for good rhythm, the groove in this one is unreal. To me one of the most satisfying things is to finally manage to wrap my head around the rhythm of a track, and it’s particularly hard to make a simple 4/4 time signature sound so complex.

Velodrome – Capataz

Amazing multi-lingual weirdo electro from the 80s.

Yasuaki Shimizu – Semi Tori No Hi

Way, way, way underappreciated artist, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly about his music is so special but it really is. One of my favorite albums and one of my favorite musicians. He pretty much predated Vaporwave culture by 30 years with Music For Commercials.

Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal – Chamber Music

This has to be one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve heard lately, in general it’s quite astounding how two musicians from different cultures, playing different instruments, manage to blend them together and give birth to something entirely new and beautiful.

Huerco S. – Cubist Camoflague

Painfully beautiful narcoleptic loop that never ends, until it does.

Mr. Bungle – Carry Stress in the Jaw

My mission statement. Blew my mind completely when I first heard it. These guys were 100% committed to making the craziest, most eclectic music I’ve ever heard.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Letter People Show

I have a very soft spot for songs that can articulate thoughts and feelings that are near impossible to put into words.

Jandek – Only Lover

The work of a true eccentric who released over 100 albums and whose identity still remains a partial mystery. Those half-drunken wailings speak to me on a spiritual level.

Reality Vista Track Listing

1. Reality Nest
2. White Chamber
3. A Lost Signal is Transmitting Across Time and Memory
4. Reality Vista
5. Butteryflight
6. Peter Francis
7. Arpanet
8. Reality Deconstruct

Request Lorraine Reality Vista is out now on Sadan

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