Repopulate Mars Returns for the Summer with New Compilation Album “Outer Limits”

Author : Peter Velez
May 15, 2019

Repopulate Mars Returns for the Summer with New Compilation Album “Outer Limits”


Repopulate Mars makes their arrival for the summer of 2019 with their new compilation album Outer Limits. This compilation features eighteen cuts from an array of established and emerging talent. Repopulate have been responsible for releasing music from the like of Michael Bibi, Solardo, CamelPhat, Detlef, and more. Repopulate Mars has cemented themselves as one of the most defining house music labels in recent years.


Looking at the album, Outer Limits’ hit features are two singles from the emerging artists Dead Space as well as John Summit. Dead Space teamed up with his friend Felix G. on the groovy tech-house cut “Bump you”. This promising summer heater has a nice layering to any tech house mix. The tracks offers a good and steady groove to keep the momentum on any heavy tech-house set. Really enjoyable elements in this track with nothing seems misplaced. “Bump you” is a perfect track on any Tech-House mix.



John Summit partners up with MKJAY on their cut “Divine Ritual“. The track has a nice layering of percussions and vocals; making it stick out from the others. There are certain elements on this track that gives the track as a whole an ambiance that fuses with the tech-house style well. The use of the smooth and luscious vocals samples gives the song a sense of dreariness. With that, topped with John’s signature sound, “Divine Ritual” is going to be a promising track for the dance floors


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