Rene Wise: My Top 10 Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 04, 2019

Rene Wise: My Top 10 Records

Inaugurated by Luke Slater (as L.B.Dub Corp) and ASC in 2011, Parallel Series has continued to host split releases from the likes of Shifted, Samuli Kemppi, Bas Mooy, Chris Finke, Developer, Truncate, Sev Dah, Jeff Rushin, and more.

For its next installment, Brighton based producer Rene Wise returns to Mote-Evolver having debuted on the label last year. His two contributions include “Sling Jockey,” which we premiered earlier this week for our followers on SoundCloud and readers here at 6AM.

We took the opportunity to ask Rene to share 10 of his favorite records, and to explain why he loves them so much. Enjoy the gems below.

DJ Slip – Every Time It Takes Awhile [Parotic Music]

DJ Slip aka Troy Geary is one of the true masters at creating raw, stripped-back techno that always has an hypnotizingg groove. This 1997 cut from Slip is one of many that I love and have had on repeat recently. It’s super simple but full of character and could easily be played at most points in a set and keep everyone on the dance floor fully locked into the groove.

Pfirter – Coherence [Stockholm LTD]

When I’m digging for music online, I’ll occasionally come across a track that puts a huge smile on my face and makes me dance like crazy in my computer chair. This is whenIi instantly know Ineed that track in my collection. Pfirter’s “Coherence” did exactly that. The deep, spacey bass line and pounding kick drum makes this one a deadly dance floor tool. I had the pleasure of hearing this track get dropped on the mammoth Berghain speakers and it well and truly delivered!

Ctrls – The High Note [KEY Vinyl]

I love Freddy K as a DJ and Iespecially love his label, KEY. On this track, Ctrls puts some funk back into techno, something Ithink more producers should do these days. Whilst everything seems to be getting ‘darker’ and more monotone in the techno world, Ctrls shows that you can be funky but still relentless and hypnotizing with this incredible track.

Blenk – Frames [Enemy]

This recent debut EP from new producer Blenk on Dustin Zahns’ Enemy imprint really caught my attention. As you might have started to notice, Ilove good grooves in techno and ‘Frames’ has a hip-shaking beat with some really nice synth textures, morphing throughout the duration of the track. One that I can’t wait to test out on a proper sound system!

Marcel Dettmann – Apron (PAS The Rhythm Remix) [MDR]

There is one track I always struggle not to play in a set, and that’s Luke Slater’s (aka P.A.S.) remix of Dettmans ‘Apron’. One of my favorite techno bass lines ever – this remix never fails to get people moving on the dance floor. Another countless example of how everything Luke Slater touches turns to gold.

Marco Carola – Untitled A1 [Question]

If you don’t know about the old Marco Carola, then you’re probably in for a shock. Contrary to his style today, Marco used to make some mean techno records back in the day and it’s always a pleasure going through his catalogue uncovering these gems. This untitled A1 track is the latest one I have been addicted to.

Exos – Reimt [FIGUREX03]

Everything Exos does, from his production to DJ sets, is pure class and quality. This track off his recent EP on Len Faki’s Figure shows once again what amazing production skills he possesses. The pure power of this track is insane and all the minute details make it a proper journey on headphones and in the club!

Arthur Robert – Gefahr [Reduktion]

Arthur Robert is definitely a hidden gem in the scene. He has only officially released a handful of tracks but has 50+ uploads of unreleased material on his SoundCloud, all of which are beautifully crafted and hold a strong signature sound. This track ‘Gefahr’ is off an EP on Arthur’s own label Reduktion, which perfectly describes the sound of his music.

Pure, reduced Techno, that will send any dance floor on a trip.

Chris McCormack – What kind of Sound Pt. 1 [Materials]

Moving onto some Electro, I have been addicted to this 2002 classic from Chris McCormack. The dark, mysterious but emotive melody always gets me going. A perfect set closer for my taste.

Chez-N Trent – The Choice [KMS]

Last but certainly not least is a house cut from Chicago legends Chez Damier and Ron Trent. Pure soul, rhythm and bliss are what you get from this 1993 masterpiece. It’s recently been back on repeat in my studio and is just what Ineed to let loose after making looping techno for hours on end.

Rene Wise & Billy Turner ‘Parallel Series 6’ drops on Mote-Evolver on 4th April 2019 and is available here

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