Rebekah & X-Tension Bring Jacking Techno on ‘Rancor’ EP

rebekah dj
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 09, 2022

Rebekah & X-Tension Bring Jacking Techno on ‘Rancor’ EP

Long-time Soma affiliate, Rebekah, teams up with X-Tension for an absolute riotous collaborative new release, the Rancor EP. An aggressive beast, this newly formed partnership wastes no time in hitting hard with an absolutely monstrous 3-track EP. The duo brings brutal, jacking techno weapons from a ferocious new perspective.

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The title track “Rancor” is a jarring and driving affair with screaming, distorted percussion, and huge pulsing synth hooks, this is certainly one beast no cage can hold.

Premiere: Rebekah x X-Tension “First Encounter” – Soma

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The second track, “First Encounter” brings out the nightmare vibes from the off as a blood-curdling synth drone gives way to pummelling kicks and a proper jacked-up rhythm. This track really takes things up a notch with creative programming and sharp, slicing percussive workouts.

“Don’t Tell Mama” closes out this collab and the pair’s no-nonsense approach continues to hammer through. Rough and ragged drums sear consistently while freakish vocals haunt the breaks, backed by thundering, highly processed drones.

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