Rebekah Hits Back To Accusations That She Is Faking Her DJ Sets

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 24, 2017

Rebekah Hits Back To Accusations That She Is Faking Her DJ Sets

Another weekend has gone by and here we are again having to witness an artist having to provide rebuttals for accusations that they are faking their DJ sets.

While it’s not clear if the nature of the accusations are sexist in nature, we cannot deny that we have not seen it all before with Nina Kraviz, The Black Madonna, Nastia and others: the mansplaining and sexist comments of hundreds if not thousands who are quick to get to a keyboard to accuse female artists of not producing their own tracks or faking their DJ sets. This week it was the turn of Rebekah, and it wasn’t the first time she has had to defend herself either.

The British techno producer and DJ, who is in the midst of her Fear Paralysis Album Tour which sees her play live hybrid sets all over Europe and North America, had to take to her Facebook profile to fend off accusations of fake DJ sets. “So yet again it’s been brought to my attention that people think that I am fake djing in my sets. Firstly I will explain yet again that I play with Traktor with four channels open, to do this they are all beat gridded and synced, yes I use sync because I would rather spend time doing more interesting things like layering and quickly switching between tracks than beat matching, anyone says shit about this I will block you,” she began, before diving into a more in-depth explanation, complete with live video recording, exposing the lies behind the accusations received.

In the comments she specified that she herself doesn’t think it’s a point of sexism, but rather technical ignorance on behalf of accusers who are quick to conclude that her set must be pre-recorded, “I don’t think it’s about sexism either as they people have been bashing edm djs for playing pre recorded sets and they were all male. It’s just they don’t understand what I’m doing, why I touch the eqs and buttons all the time and don’t use my headphones. I can see what it would look this way but of course it’s not true.”

The vast majority of the comments, which you can see in the original post below, agree with Rebekah’s technical analysis and go a step further in stating that she shouldn’t need to even defend herself on social media. In the past plenty of other artists, including Richie Hawtin, have gone on record explaining why they use the sync button and how it allows them to add unique elements and layers to their live/hybrid sets than would otherwise be possible.


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Featured photo by Yvonne Chen