RE/FORM Summer 2022 Mix: _mr_jenifer

_mr_jenifer RE/FORM 2022 Mix
Author : Max Spruill
August 30, 2022

RE/FORM Summer 2022 Mix: _mr_jenifer

Experience RE/FORM, a day/night festival experience that focuses on Techno, House, and other experimental soundscapes – all of which are brought to you by 6AM, Synthetik Minds, & Dirty Epic. Taking place on Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 3-4), RE/FORM will bring about unforgettable live performances from 999999999, Pan-Pot, Paula Temple, Octave One, and many others.

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Los-Angeles based _mr_ jenifer (he/they) has been setting their communities in motion for decades. Producing under the alias Psybody with music partner Jason Peters, and launching the Psychcibody label this year they continue in their powerful underground career, which beautifully resists a fixed identity.  An artist on Awesome Agency’s roster, resident of Making Shapes events and founder of ‘The Yard’ warehouse, _mr_ jenifer continues to build upon the foundation of being a queer artist, seasoned DJ, event producer, label manager, activist and community builder—roles that have solidified Mr. Jenifer as a cornerstone of the dance music community in LA and beyond.

_mr_jenifer RE/FORM 2022 Mix


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Whether invested in moving people into deep states through psychedelic tracks, subverting expectation with electro and break-driven rhythms, or igniting high BPM dance floors through trancey jacking techno house and more, Mr. Jenifer is a master of symbiosis – the relationship between DJ and mover. In an atmosphere that wasn’t always as inclusive as it is now, _mr_jenifer has survived and thrived for three decades in what became a male, hetero-dominated industry. Their journey has rippled beyond California and the US—and has helped clear a path for emerging queer and gender non-conforming artists today.

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