Here’s a Look at 2022 Coachella Outfits

Coachella Outfits
Author : Shelby Dione
May 05, 2022

Here’s a Look at 2022 Coachella Outfits

Spring is here, the sun is shining and festival season is in full swing. Ultra, Beyond Wonderland and Coachella kicked off the start of a festival redemption season. New festivals are being announced left and right and this summer is set up to be long, hot and filled with dance music and fabulous fashion. As you start to look at AirBnb’s and book flights for your next festival adventure, Coachella outfits are definitely a great inspiration to draw from when you plan your summer rave festival looks!

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Starting off you must consider the weather over your festival days. In Southern California the afternoons are scorching and the sun is brutal if you’re not posted in a hangar or under a shade structure. Hot and sunny should be easy to plan for but once the sun sets, the dry California air makes for a chilly night of partying. So don’t forget to check the weather app and add some layers to your packing list.

The vibe of the festival is another huge factor when considering what to wear to your next summer rave festival. From EDC Las Vegas to Movement Festival in Detroit or Lightning in a Bottle, the all around aesthetic of the festival should be on your mind as you scroll through your favorite rave fashion brand’s website. Don’t focus on this too much as you want your own personality to shine through your wardrobe but read the room and select your pieces thoughtfully.

After you have planned for a cold night in the desert or a little drizzle in the Midwest, you are ready to gather up the four main ingredients that will complete your summer rave festival outfits: Stylish footwear that will be comfortable for many hours of dancing, layers that can change with the weather and add dimension and excitement to the outfit, accessories because we aren’t boring, and finally to top it all off, cool hair and make up!

So as mentioned before Coachella outfits are a great starting point for summer inspiration. So here are 7 looks at the festival that will fit right in at the next summer rave festival.

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High 80º weather and not a cloud in sight calls for showing some skin and wearing a bright spring color that pops on your sunkissed skin! Corsets are the number one outfit game changer that has made its way into the rave fashion industry and this outfit uses the structure a corset to add sophistication to a playful and flirty festival outfit. The double wrapped belt works with the corset and gives this girly two piece set a little bit of edge that makes it rave fashion. Lavender festival braids that match the color theme ties this whole look together and adds a magical, fairy element that is seen at rave festivals.

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Recycled denim pieces are all the rage right now. If you’re crafty, you can raid your local Goodwill and make yourself a custom denim outfit. If DIY is not your style, browse your favorite rave fashion brands to see what small businesses are doing with denim. This Coachella look is daytime casual but also sleek and sexy for late nights on the dance floor. Adding a chain belt to your outfit can take it from brunch to techno in seconds. And don’t forget your platforms!


Continuing with the denim theme, our third Coachella look is perfect for rave babes at EDM Festivals. It has the sparkle, it’s supportive and is very flattering. The high cut hip with ruffles that add a 3D element will accentuate your hips and elongate your legs. Ditch the cowboy boots that are still dusty from the Polo Fields and pair this bodysuit with your favorite Demonia’s and a cowboy hat and you are ready for EDC Las Vegas!



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Red as a very popular Coachella choice for many attendees. There is something about wearing red in the blazing sun and high temperatures that is a little chaotic but very exciting. This next look is ready to make its way to the next rave festival, from the colorful festival braids to the patent leather Demonias, this is right in line with rave fashion today. The long fringe accents added that Coachella touch but would be fun and playful at any rave. Dancing around in bright red fringe would definitely turn heads and be exciting at your next rave festival.


Having to fuss with an intricate harness or bedazzled bodysuit can be annoying and not fun to wear for 12+ hours, we get it. Colorful wide leg pants matched with a tiny top and a lightweight layer to hide your shoulders from the sun and keep you warm at night is a summer vibe that we all need after the pandemic. Don’t worry about your outfit not being sexy or ravey enough and have fun with the pieces you wear under your comfy layers. Strappy bottoms that peak out above the waistline of your baggy pants and a fun bralette or cut out crop top can add just the right amount of hot girl to your comfy look. Ditch the platform sandal, a closed toe is necessary at a rave festival, and swipe it on that chunky sneaker you have been eyeing and this outfit is ready for late night dancing and stage hopping for hours.


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Now that EDC Las Vegas is on our minds, let’s talk about the guys. Leather and harnesses will be a choice for a lot of “Headliners”. With huge techno acts on the line up like Deborah De Luca, Charlotte De Witte, and Adam Beyer at Factory 93’s, Neon Garden, chains, leather and bondage aesthetics are the go to for most ravers. An asymmetrical look is nothing new but we are seeing a spike in asymmetrical rave outfits, this single leather sleeve strapped to the bodice with leather buckles is edgy and hot. The thought of leather in Las Vegas might deter you from this exciting trend but don’t be afraid to show some skin to stay cool and have fun with it.


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If you saw the last outfit and didn’t think “rave” this next look might spark some ideas of how you can incorporate leather harnesses in a more industrial, edgy, street style. The bondage pants, leather harness and knitted shrug is a perfect choice for guys at any rave festival. If you want to take it a step further you can substitute the boho style shrug with a leather shrug or a shoulder piece made out of chains. 


The first Coachella since the pandemic was amazing. Both weekends were the hot spot for new and exciting rave fashion trends that will be seen throughout the summer. Many first time festival goers are coming into the scene and changing the direction that rave festival fashion is headed. We are seeing a lot of streetwear, lounge and Y2K looks that offer comfort and style at the same time. The relaxed trend is not stopping some of our favorite rave fashion brands from taking their designs to the next level and heading in a direction that is more high fashion. Whatever your current style is, the amount of high quality rave fashion that we have access to is growing, allowing ravers to really invest a lot of thought into their looks. Mix and match ideas and trends from this list with other outfits you love to come up with something unique and on brand for you at your next festival! 

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