RADI MIRA I LUBVI Releases 10 track Compilation

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Author : Chelsi Sherrell
July 08, 2022

RADI MIRA I LUBVI Releases 10 track Compilation

RADI MIRA I LUBVI is an organic house and downtempo label that recently put out a ten-track compilation titled Summer Compilation. It’s a well-crafted release featuring exquisite tracks by a selection of emerging talent and we are told that some of the DJs supporting the music include the likes of Bebetta, Nick Warren, Gorje Hewek, and Be Svendsen.

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Some of the tracks are collaborations, but the artists that feature music include Deek That, Krasa Rosa, Nikola Melnikov, Max Sorokin, Valer den Bit, Stan Tone, Dasha Zarya, Samir Kuliev, Taleman, Arsankhan, AZAMAT, Betelgeize, and Yassen.

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Most of the artists are relatively new on the scene, but some have already featured music on influential record labels such as Earthly Delights, Anjunadeep, Leveldva, Bar 25, Akbal Music, and Souksonic.

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There is a lot of music to unpack and the tracks span a range of tempos and moods. There are downtempo tracks like “Thoughts” by AZAMAT, plus uplifting cuts such as “Kulturkeis” by Deek That. Some of the tracks like “Call My Name Feat. Svetlove” by Samir Kuliev and Taleman plus “You” by Valer den Bit have strong vocals, which help them stand out in the tracklist.

Because each track is powerful on its own, there’s no doubt that this uplifting compilation will push people to get a copy of the full release.

Listen to Summer Compilation (Side 1) – RADI MIRA I LUBVI

Listen to Summer Compilation (Side 2) – RADI MIRA I LUBVI

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