R Is For Roland – Book Of Synths & Drum Machines

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Author : Micah
May 18, 2015

R Is For Roland – Book Of Synths & Drum Machines

R Is For Roland

Roland is one of the companies directly responsible for the creation of house and techno music; their legendary 808 and 909 drum machines are some of the most highly-sought after machines in the world. In addition to the classic drum machines, Roland has been producing many types of synthesizers for over four decades and continues to dominate the modern hardware synth market.

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Last week, renowned photographer/illustrator Tabita Hub released “R is for Roland,” a coffee table book filled with high-quality photographs of classics such as the Space Echo RE-201, System-100, SH-7, CR-78, Jupiter-4, RS-09, TR-808, Jupiter-8, TB-303, TR-606, Juno-6, SH-101, Jupiter-6, MC-202, JX-3P, TR-909, Juno-106, TR-707/727, Alpha-Juno 1/2, TR-505 and TR-626. Along with these photographs are charts, graphs, and quotes/interviews from a number of heavy hitters, such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, Nightmares on Wax, and Portishead. Jeff Mills, one of techno’s greatest minds, has used Roland products since his early days, has contributed a quote saluting Roland’s iconic status in the dance music community: “Certain machines do have a particular fashion in which they spit out the sounds. The Roland TR series were revolutionary in this respect.”

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The visually stunning collection of photographs and other material is available for 44.64 EUR (53.80 USD). For more information and/or to order the book, click here to visit the official website. To learn a bit more about the amazing woman responsible behind it, check out the video below.