R.P.M. Drops Butterslice EP via Shadow Wulf Records

R.P.M. Butterslice EP
Author : Daisy Magana
December 21, 2020

R.P.M. Drops Butterslice EP via Shadow Wulf Records

Corsican duo R.P.M. is releasing their Butterslice EP (Shadow Wulf Records) at the start of the new year. It features massive remixes by German producers Carbon and APHE, and fellow French producer Le Son Du Placard.

Listen: 6AM Premiere R.P.M. “Butterslice” EP

R.P.M combines their emotions and ideas to offer a fresh, rhythmic, and expressive techno sound. They have released their music across the world on the likes of Jaw Dropping Records (Germany), Faites Leur Des Disques (France) and SMB Records (France).

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German artist Riewert Petersen aka Carbon’s music style has a fresh and groovy take on minimal techno. His “Butterslice” remix captures his signature sound. He has more than 20 year of music production under his belt, and his first EP (Carbon via Italo Business) was released in 2007. Over the years his music has been featured on heavyweight labels like Senso Sounds, Alula Tunes, Jannowitz Records, MoonBootique, Phobos Records and Soupherb Records.

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Hailing from France, Le Son Du Placard is inspired by gloomy landscapes and a poisoned reality; all of which he adds in his “Butterslice” remix. His music is known for its heady techno sound with mental loops over solid drums and crazy FX. Atmospheres are a central aspect of his music as they are the soundscape around which everything evolves.

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APHE is a producer and DJ based in Germany. His sets combine dark, heavy rhythms and driving bass lines with a melodic yet melancholic spin. From dark minimal to techno, he creates an uncompromising club atmosphere, always varied and diverse. Check out his melodic touch on R.P.M.’s “Butterslice.”

“It’s about the music and not about how you look or what you do. You don’t have to be in the spotlight ”

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