Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 172 Feat. Lost Desert

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 24, 2019

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 172 Feat. Lost Desert

This week’s Global Vibe Radio episode sees us feature the deep, techy and ambient soundscapes of All Day I Dream recording artist Lost Desert.

Just this week, Lost Desert and label boss Lee Burridge released their collaborative album, Melt, on All Day I Dream. The album aims to take its listeners on a journey through the ethos and creative wonder of its authors.

It begins on a trek through ambient plains with its title opener, followed by “Sailing Without A Compass,” which offers a pensive space with melancholic woodwinds and sweeping cinematic string sections. Euphoria ensues in pieces like the sparkling “Float On” and the buoyant vocal number “Mibale” with Junior, while the wistful “Christina, Daydreaming” closes out Melt on a nostalgic note.

In honor of the album release, and of Lost Desert’s specially-curated Global Vibe Radio mix, we decided to sit down for a chat with the DJ/producer to talk about the album, his studio gear and musical inspirations.

How did you and Lee first begin conceptualizing the album concept for Melt? Had both of you already envisioned the same thing by coincidence when it came to the album writing process? 

We really just are on a similar path but with different emotional experiences. We wanted to create a journey like feeling so it’s not just a bunch of melodic tracks. It rises and falls. It perhaps explores your own emotional side. We work intuitively so conception really is from time spent together and building an understanding of who each of us is.

How has your own music-making evolved since the process of writing Melt

I like to think it’s always being affected. Let’s see what’s next shall we …

We’ve seen Lee’s point-of-view around the LP, but can you express what Melt’s message and intent mean personally to you in your own words?

I’ve always expressed my thoughts, moods, emotions and message through my music.

It’s actually easier than putting it into words. Close your eyes and listen to the album on headphones and, hopefully, you’ll truly see everything.What were some of the biggest challenges you came across during the album process, and how did you get over these? 

>Finding the balance between the old the new the borrowed and the blue. I guess the hardest thing is our travel schedule and maintaining continuity. Feelings change by the minute so unless you’re constantly in the zone sometimes things get away from you. That’s the biggest challenge.

You seem to have a few treasured analog pieces. How have these helped contribute to the sound/feeling you seek to convey in your music?

There is no sub like MOOG. Recently discovering the MOOG ONE has been a journey into the unknown. Nord lead is always on my side and will be forever. I love it, Summing is done on an SSL Xdesk (which recently got wet…note to self, close studio window) or Chandler which can be a blessing or a time-consuming love affair. Digital is so great these days that it’s really just a preference and a habit. I love my analogue but producers make magic with just a laptop. Everyone has their system. Knowing my gear just makes things go faster.

What is the most fundamental element of a quality track production? 

There is no quality production with only one fundamental element. Like a good wine or cup of coffee its the blend of the right ingredients that make the magic happen. The goosebumps will never lie .. or, sometimes, my cat knows the right frequencies.

Have you ever gotten lost in the desert? Tell us if you coincidentally have a life experience that mirrors your DJ moniker!

I’ve got lost so many times in different (musical) places that I lost count. It’s a great feeling though as to how else could I have found all my new horizons and discover new musical boundaries. No maps are ever truly drawn to unknown destinations.

Can you name a few things/places/etc that have brought you the most inspiration as of late? 

From the start “All Day I Dream” parties and it’s family of artists and fans have had a huge impact on me. Musically and personally it inspired me to make what I make and made me a better human being.

What’s your process in curating and putting together a mix? 

Good ingredients, balance, trial & error and patience. Comparing with other tracks and some good plugins do the trick for me.

Give us your thoughts on the great “hardware vs digital” debate

I don’t think its a match or a fight between “hardware or digital.” I believe the combination of both worlds works best … for me at least.

Outside of Melt, what’s next in your pipeline?

An exciting journey to find new musical daydreamers that if we do stray off into the soulsonic we might just find some new trybes to spend time with for some night.

Melt Tracklist:

Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Melt
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Sailing Without Compass
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Ft Junior – Lingala (Beatless)
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Rain
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert & Simon Vuarambon – One
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Ft Junior – Mibale
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Seven Magic Mountains
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Float On
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – We-i-wo-we
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert – Christina, daydreaming

Melt is out on All Day I Dream and available HERE

Connect with Lost Desert: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud