Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 152 Feat. Electric Rescue (Live at I-Boat, Bordeaux)

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 05, 2019

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 152 Feat. Electric Rescue (Live at I-Boat, Bordeaux)

This week’s Global Vibe Radio episode is truly a global one, as we welcome French producer, DJ, live artist, label owner and promoter Antoine Husson aka Electric Rescue to the 6AM family.

Antoine is as prolific as they come in the studio, his catalogue spanning various aliases and featuring releases on labels such as Affin, Cocoon, Bedrock, Sci+Tec, Sleaze Records, Soma Records and many more. You’ll notice the variety of soundscapes these labels highlight, which further goes to underscore Antoine’s versatility both in the studio and in front of a live audience.

His latest work comes in the form of the launch of Obverse Records, a new techno-focused imprint which debuted with his very own First Obverse EP, out February 1st of this year and featuring remixes by Ø [Phase] and Stanislav Tolkachev.

Enjoy this recording of his recent January 11th, 2019 set at I-Boat in Bordeaux, and read on for our exclusive interview with Antoine as well as track listing!

Salut Antoine, thank you so much for the mix! Where was this recorded?

It was recorded live in a lovely mythic club in Bordeaux, I-Boat, I love this club… it’s hot and it’s a human size club where you can see the people in the eyes and know how you can make sensations bigger!

Looking at the track listing before I listened to it had me eager to press play right away. Any stand-out tracks you’d like us to pay attention to in particular?

I really feel the mission to make people discover fresh music, new talents or unreleased tracks. If I play what everybody plays it doesn’t make sense to me. I have the big chance to receive a lot of promos, demos, so first I play the music I love but secondly I need to propose to the people really personal feelings and make them discover a lot of new tracks and new talents. And Of course during that set I take a lot of pleasure to make the crowd discover some upcoming tracks from Skryptöm, Möd3rn, Electric Rescue or my other projects. That’s also the point in that set. You can see tracks from Wlderz who’ve just released their first album last week, tracks from forthcoming album from Moteka, unreleased tracks from Möd3rn, etc

This way of doing allows me also to test these tracks, testing their efficiency on the public and the force of their emotions, it’s really a chance to do that and I appreciate it a lot.

So you can see I also played a track from my new label Obverse, and also a track from one of the next release on social brainworks.

Your own productions have been released on a great selection of diverse labels, a lot of them known for a variety of different sound output. How would you categorize your music to someone who is unfamiliar with Electric Rescue?

I’m really eclectic because my most known projects are around techno like Electric Rescue or Möd3rn, but I also run projects like RE.KOD who is more electronica, ambient but I also produce and play electro… for example I will have a release on Umwelt’s label end of spring. I don’t want to just do one kind of electronic music, it would be boring and besides, if you do a different kind of music, each style influences the other and that’s good, it brings style to style fresh air and ideas. But if someone comes and asks me what I’m doing, I’m techno, sometimes melancholic sometimes industrial but always deep and sincere.

While we are at it… what are you rescuing us from?

I’m not rescuing anything! (laughs) I’m just a simple guy who has the chance to do what he loves every day.

Electric Rescue was the name of the rave parties I organized during the ’90s, it was a bad French translation of a trip into electronic music to escape from that sad world during a weekend, and I translate it simply as “Electric Rescue”, and that was wrong but I kept it as tribute to the public who came during that event. In the ’90s my artist name wasn’t Electric Rescue but “d’jedi”, it was too silly, it was a time where Star Wars was super interesting and not a film for children… now times have changed. I moved from “d’jedi” to Electric Rescue during the first part of 2000s and signed my first release with that name on Fcommunication, Laurent Garnier’s label, in 2004 or 2005… I can’t remember exactly.

So I’m rescuing no one ,sorry!

You’ve been bringing the Electric Rescue projects to the world’s best venues and events for over two decades now. What motivates you to keep going now and how has it changed from what you used to motivate you when you first began?

I don’t know what’s motivating me, I’m just taking pleasure in being involved with many projects.

I started as a DJ in 1990 and every day I feel I need to do more, because I’m just passionate about music, sending emotions and messages to the people, I’m not waiting for anything or for success or whatever else, I’m just doing nice projects and take a lot of pleasure, and I try to progress, to grow up in quality every day too.

I’m lucky every day that I wake up and I know that I will do something with passion, it’s huge. I know how difficult is it to wake up in the morning and go to do a job you don’t like, I did it for some years in the ’90s before working full time in music, it’s very difficult and I have a lot of respect for the people who are doing it every day. It’s really interesting to build a new project from zero to the end.

For example the last big project I built was Skryptöm collective, for a week all the Skryptöm artists are coming into a venue with studios and we do tracks all together, plus we propose external people to come for a master class on different subjects like sound engineering, hardware and modular system, we meet in a classroom full of young people to explain to them what’s electronic music and try to transmit them the passion of music. At the end of the week, we make a big party with exclusive collaborations between the artists from the label and we make a big show for 1,000 to 1,500 people, it’s a bit like a mini festival with a lot of things to do for a week. And when you imagine that project and you start to do it, you build it and at the end you see the positive result, that’s a big point of satisfaction and it gives me energy to start and follow new project to death.

Your resume includes the founding and running of Skryptöm Records, which you launched in 2006. How has the label running been for you in recent years?

With Skryptöm we have the chance to be well known all over the world… not like a big label but a serious quality one, one that is a real label and proposes many new talents, so we have the chance to be followed by some people who permit us to stay alive. Skryptöm is a constant label, there is no big buzz on it but always good results and nice feedback on our choices in music and ethics.

We try many projects, such as albums and nice collaborations with strong artists so it’ always bringing fresh energies and ideas that might keep the people interested in. If you always repeat the same things I think people would be boring so that’s why I try to always bring new artists, projects and ideas to keep the label dynamic.

Has the goal of the label changed since its founding 13 years ago?

The spirit of the label never changed, but the styles and the music wishes evolve, although some artists stayed from the beginnings years like Scan X, Maxime Dangles or Moteka and others left as they stay in their style like Julian Jeweil or Popof. We moved to more fresh modern techno and they preferred to stay in more melodic and classic techno, such as for Julian or Alex Popof, but I always keep an eye on them, just to see that they became big and it’s cool for them, I’m happy.

So yes Skryptöm evolves over time to always stay fresh and interesting, I don’t like labels who always do the same stuff for 10 to 20 years. Techno arrived because of fusion and evolutions, it’s super rich because of that, and if you always give out the same, you die

Talking about Skryptom and running labels, you have just released a brand-new EP, First Obverse EP, on a brand new label called Observe. Why did you launch a new label and how different is this project from Skryptom?

Obverse, as you know, expresses a wish of going against the grain and Obverse has to go against the grain of skryptöm. Skryptöm is a real label with a team and we make artist development, it’s real label as I want. Obverse is more a new field of expression and experimentation for me to release my own productions and collaborations with artists I love like Phase and Stanislav Tolkachev.

You surely think, “Yes but you can do it on Skryptöm” and sure I could do it on Skryptöm but it would take a lot of space from the Skryptöm artists and I don’t want that. I want that team to stay as it is and I don’t want to take more space from Skryptöm so sometimes I release an album and an EP but no more. On Obverse I will be releasing more regularly, and will try to do 4 releases a year with my work, and everything is dedicated to my projects and collab. Next one should be with Zadig, whom I’m working with these days and surely Inigo Kennedy too. 

You have Ø [Phase] & Stanislav Tolkachev providing remixes for this first outing on Observe, both very talented producers. How did the choice of picking them come about?

It’s a choice from the heart, I asked the artists I love the most, no strategy… just music I love. I decided to ask the artists I play the most in my sets in these last few years and also artists I’m in a huge relationship with. I can’t propose things to people I’m not feeling. all the guys I asked to be involved with Obverse, Ashley Phase, Stanislav Tolkachev, Zadig, or Inigo are people whose music I love and I appreciate humanly.

I heard you also have a lot of other mammoth releases planned for 2019. can you tell us a little about them?

(laughs) Mammoth! Nice! Yes, the Möd3rn number 10 is arriving for spring, I have a strong record that’s arriving with Electric Rescue on Virgo, Ilario Alicante’s label, one on Modularz 10 Years’ record, Newrhythmics, Newflesh Records, and some others and for the end of the I planned a new Electric Rescue album. I have already 12 tracks on it but I want to arrive to 20 to have the right ones to choose from.

So yes, many things into the pipeline, also with releases with my other collaboration projects like W.LV.S, LAVAL, RE.KOD… and that’s super cool!

A lot is happening in the world of Electric Rescue right now. What is the most exciting thing in your life outside of techno?

Many things are exciting. Firstly my son Zadig and my wife Virginie. I spend a lot of time with them outside music, but I’m also a big fan of architecture which I studied in the beginning of the ’90s, as well as design and graphism. I love cinema too but I don’t have enough time to watch good films. But with Zadig and Virginie we take a bit of time to visit museums and exhibitions and it gives a lot of ideas for music, and then I always come back to music (laughs). I try as much as I can to bring them with me to countries I go to play in, like China for example, and try to see how the people live in these different parts of the world.

It’s important to be open to others. That’s the starting point of the rave culture, the culture of the difference.

We know a lot about you as Electric Rescue now, but how would you describe yourself and what you’re about to someone who meets you for the first time?

I can’t describe myself, I’m just a simple passionate guy who fell in love with music and who tries to express his vision of it every day! No more, no less.

Track Listing:

1 – Space (GR) – Utan Ande – Music from Exo planet
2 – TWR 72 – Muddy Pink – Float records
3 – Herald – Track 1 – Herald Limited
4 – Moteka – TC2290 – Skryptöm demo
5 – Blawan – Vented – ternesc
6 – circle – Invaders
7 – Linear Straight – Random Orientations
8 – Sandro Galli – hertz – Gynoid Audio
9 – Moteka – Alb010 – Skryptöm demo
10 – Moteka – Alb013 – Skryptöm demo
11 – Albert Chlovenda – Changing front (Ttanislav tolkachev remix) –
12 – nathan jones – pulsate
13 – Kuroi – suzushi
14 – The binary mind – dark pattern – Gynoid Audio
15 – Moteka – alb066 – skryptöm demo
16 – Möd3rn – 06-130-ER
17 – Möd3rn – 01-135-ER
18 – Päsky – Ex3 (Basic Frame Remix)
19 – Cortechs – Not Tomorrow yet – Darknet
20 – Wlderz – Freeze – Skryptöm
21 – Berg Jaär – Orthies
22 – Joe Farr – Death & Hope (Ansome remix)
23 – Ekors – Heavy Mahogany
24 – W.LV.S – Misericordia – Astropolis
25 – Keith Carnal – Any Given Name
26 – Skryptöm Collective – Nördik
27 – Laval – No hipocrisy – Stockholm ltd
28 – Laval – Our Turn – Stockholm ltd
29 – Möd3rn 01-132-ER
30 – Electric Rescue – Social Brainworks
31 – Stephanie Sykes – Sikker – Dyad
32 – Kmyle – Odyssey – Skryptöm demo

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