Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 112 Feat. DJ Holographic

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 15, 2018

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 112 Feat. DJ Holographic

With Movement Detroit around the corner, it seemed fitting to invite one of this year’s festival performers as well as one of Detroit’s current bright stars to the Global Vibe Radio decks: DJ Holographic.

The fundamental mission of DJ Holographic is to represent the creative and innovative identity of Detroit, and the state of Michigan as a whole. It is this energy that infuses the spirit of every project she pursues. Ariel Corley, as she is known to those close to her, sees herself not only as a performer, but also as a member of a larger artistic community. As with any performer in the early stages of her career, DJ Holographic is currently developing her craft, which includes a variety of mediums: comics, music videos, radio, and more.

DJ Holographic is playing Movement at the Red Bull Stage on Sunday, May 27th from 3 to 4:30pm. She has a monthly show on Red Bull Radio called “Stardust” that is aired from noon until 2pm EST, mixed live from Red Bull Studio in downtown Detroit.

Read on for our exclusive chat with her, and don’t forget to catch her set in Detroit next week! Full track listing is available at the end of the article.

What was your inspiration and thought process for selecting the tracks in this mix?

My Feelings towards this mix are the same feelings and thoughts my first time walking toward Movement, believing that we are all one energy together moving in time.

Where was this mix recorded?

At my house in my newly painted room with wall colors of crush orange and suede purple. Defiantly was inspired by Prince and Jimi Hendrix when I painted it.

What are some recent career highlights for you?

Every day feels like a new highlight and golden achievement working on my goals. However, I really enjoy traveling more often and seeing different dance floors with different styles than my own. Also talking to the promoters at the party to get a better understanding of what drives their underground movement and what drew them in.

How has growing up in Detroit helped shape who you are today and how has it shaped you musically?

I really enjoy both these questions and think about this to myself every time I wake up. I figured it would be easier to answer those questions with action on the one’s and two’s or through my production.

What is next for DJ Holographic?

Definitely more touring around the world to relive places I have been and dance at places I have never been. I’m spending more time in the studio to get my thoughts and ideas out in the universe, which is always fun. Just trying to stick to my grind and work smart. Detroit Hustles Harder.
GVR Tracklist:
Fred Everything – Mercyless (Atjazz Unreleased Astro Remix)
Black Loops – Sex (Bonus Track)
Borrowed Identity – Faith
Larse – Tonight (Original Mix)
Groove Armada – Love Sweet Sound (Mark Knight & Fundagenda’s A.H.B. Mix)
Mall Grab – 2 B Reel (Original Mix)
Marc Romboy & KiNK – No Sports (Original Mix)
Afefe Iku – Mirror Dance feat. Oveous Maximus
Flight Facilities feat. Jessica Wahls – Foreign Language
Todd Terje – Strandbar (Original Mix)
Coeo – Humbled (Bonus Track)
Panthera Krause – Rewo
Crazy P, Oliver Dollar – Loose Beat (Original Mix)
Homework – Confessing (Dub)
Cue Kids – Until That (Dub)
Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. Sam Sparro – Look Ahead (Extended Mix)
Gary Martin – Well (Robert Hood Remix)