Q&A and Pemiere: Mod21 Releases “Chapter 1” EP on 21 Imprint

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 24, 2017

Q&A and Pemiere: Mod21 Releases “Chapter 1” EP on 21 Imprint

With previous releases on Prologue including an album on Semantica Records, Manuele Chiaravalloti a.k.a Mod21, brings perfectly executed raw modular techno jams, side stepping syncopations and dark delayed bleep atmospheres to create a weighty hypnotic minimal piece entitled Chapter 1 on his label 21.

“A1” is a halftime deep pulsing gem, almost reminiscent of glitch artists such as Ø [Phase] and Pan Sonic. It contains slow modulating percussion and sine bleeps which are large and reverberant, aiding to the overall hypnotic nature of the EP, Chapter 1. Cut in A2, “Philadelphia Experiment” is a mind boggling display of displaced beats and accents. Noise and sine waves rise in pitch while the steady beat of the kick and surrounding percussions help induce a trance.

In “Step by Step” on B1, electro tinged drums roll forward with slight sonic variations and a progressively harmonic drone slowly nurtures the piece. Finally on B2, Structuralism is a faster, more intense track with familiar intertwining rhythms and progressing modulations.

Purchase “Chapter 1” via deejay.de and stream the exclusive premiere of “Philadelphia Experiment” below today. Following is our interview with Manuele in honor of his EP.

Ciao Manuele, congrats on the new EP coming out! We would love to discuss the production process with you for this one. Where do you call home these days?

Ciao! Well my home is here in Switzerland where Iʼve been living for 10 years cause of my job.

Is that where you produced the EP?

Yes, exactly. My studio is in the first floor of my house.

Can you describe us your studio? Any particular hardware and software we can find in there? 

Mmmm my studio is just a small room full of games and flashing lights, or so my mom says… The synth I love more than others and the one I always use in my tracks is definitely the Grp A4. About the software, well, Iʼm an Absynth lover.

Is there still a piece of hardware you hope to own one day?

I wish to find and buy a good ARP2600! Iʼve always been in love with that synth.

How did you love for machines begin?

Just trying to find new ways of expression outside the box. Everything started buying a simple Boss Overdrive, then, step by step, thanks to the money from my main job, I bought all the other instruments.

What hardware did you use to produce the tracks on Chapter 1?

As I said, the Grp A4 made the 90% of the synth parts. Other synthesizers I used are the Moog Voyager, the MS-20 and a bit of modular. The drum parts are from the classic Roland TR-909/808/606, Dave Smith Tempest, MFB Tanzbar and some drums eurorack modules.

Awesome! What does the title refer to?

Itʼs all about what I got in my mind when I produce the track or immediately after I finish it. Philadelphia Experiment, for example, came out immediately after I had finished reading a book about Nikola Tesla.

There’s four tracks comprising the EP. Can you talk us through them and what inspired each?

Itʼs an hard question. Iʼm used to spend almost all the evenings after work in studio. There I make a lot of experiments and music but, the 90% of what I do its not even recorded or I just keep them on the tape. So, these tracks are just good experiments that I liked. The point is: sometimes the music came out from inspirational things, like the Tesla book, but sometimes your music is just the fruit of a technical experiment.

If there was one other techno producer you’d want to collaborate on a release with, who would it be?

To be honest, Iʼm not a big fan of collaborations because I think itʼs really hard to find the right equilibrium between two people. Nowadays the world is full of good producers and guys with a lot of new and fantastic ideas. Just to name few of them I really like: Shaded Explorer, Refracted, Milena Kriegs etc..

What else is in store for Mod21 in 2017?

I can say that the Chapter 1 Remixes is almost ready and Iʼm really looking forward to release it as soon as possible.

Purchase “Chapter 1” via deejay.de

Connect with Mod21: Facebook | SoundCloud

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