Q&A and Premiere: Arseniu Releases “Just Me” EP On Pool House Black

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 21, 2017

Q&A and Premiere: Arseniu Releases “Just Me” EP On Pool House Black

Romanian producer and DJ Marius Popa, artist name Arseniu, is known for his deep fusions of techno, able to blend the minimalistic sounds of his home country with deeper fusions of deep tech and dub.

His latest release comes in the form of a two-track EP entitled Just Me being released on Pool House Black, a sub-label of Chicago’s Pool House that focuses on the darker techno sounds to come out of the imprint. The title track is a 14-plus minute minimal deep tech affair, driven by a drum loop, intermittent drawn-out noises and sparse vocals. The second original in the release, “Soul,” is a deeper 9-minute production filled almost entirely by percussions and a reinvigorating, soulful chord. You can pre-order the EP, scheduled for release on March 13th, via Beatport.

On top of premiering the EP exclusively, which you can listen to below, 6AM had a talk with Arseniu, to discover more of his roots and approach to music production:

Hi Marius, it’s nice talking to you. Here are the questions: Congratulations on the two tracks coming out on Pool House Black!

First of all thank you for having me here, I am originally from Romania and now leaving in England!

How did you discover electronic music?

My first touch with electronic music was a long time ago, I think more than 10 years now, it was a hobby at the first and soon after I started producing music.

When did you begin producing and what inspired to do so?

I get inspiration from producers like zip, Baby Ford, Petre Inspirescu, Barac, and also listening to other music like old house, chill house, budha bar, etc.

How is the scene in your home city? Are there clubs or venues for house and techno?

Clubs in my city were and are a big factor that influenced me to start producing music. There will always be good clubs there, with good music but La Mania and After Hours are two that really changed me. These days of course the scene there needs no introduction with festivals like Sunwaves, Mioritc and more.

What do you do when you are not recording or playing music? What are some of your hobbies?

When I am not producing (laughs) well… music is also my full time hobby so I am producing a lot, thats the best way for me to express myself . Others tell me that I show my day-to-day feelings and emotions with the music I make.

Alright, back to the music: where did you record the EP?

The EP I made for The Pool House was made in a small, comfy studio.

What software/hardware did you use to produce them?

I am, let’s say, a big fan of the arp2600v3, it helps me a lot to express myself and remain true to the sound I need. I am trying to use as much analog instruments as possible

What was your inspiration for these tracks?

My inspiration for making these tracks are my feelings, they are showing me the way to make and finish each track. Like I said my emotions are a big factor in my musical sound

Pre-order Just Me by Arseniu on Beatport.

Connect with Arseniu: Facebook | Twitter | BeatportSoundCloud

Connect with The Pool House Black: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | Beatport

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