PUFF.magic Talks ‘Elements of Style’ & New Chapter

Author : Daisy Magana
December 08, 2021

PUFF.magic Talks ‘Elements of Style’ & New Chapter

The Australian producer and DJ formerly known as Jamfransisco, has revamped her art of craft and name to PUFF.magic. The type of music she produces consists of Jungle, Drum n’ Bass, and more. “PUFF.magic represents a new chapter that will no doubt be followed by others.” Her mission is to change the industry for women with the power of her music. In this exclusive interview, the talented artist talks about new music, how she began her musical career, and how her music is helpful within the industry. 

Buy “Elements of Style” on Bandcamp. 
All proceeds from this release will go towards EQ50 until the end of 2021. PUFF.magic’s portion continues until International Women’s Day on March 8, 2022.

As the year comes to a close, PUFF.magic has been grateful for what she’s done already. From releasing her debut EP to working on new projects this was a successful year for the talented artist. “I am full of gratitude for all the opportunities I’ve had to share my music both independently with my debut EP, Soul Antics, and through some fab labels such as Lots of Practice and Black Marble Collective. With new projects on the way, this year will be wrapping up on a good note”.

What first got you into electronic music, and at what moment did you decide you wanted to do this as a career?

“I grew up listening to all kinds of music but always steered toward the underground and loved a good beat, but the first time I heard 93 ‘Til Infinity, I knew hip hop was my jam. The jazzy loops and sampling had me hooked. Later I would find electronica and other experimental stuff like Saint Germain, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and LTJ Bukem. I’d also say Skate and Snowboard videos and videogames were a great source of music and I would sit and watch the credits to get the track IDs. I was into Dub, Jungle house, Drum n’ Bass – shortly after, I was learning to DJ. It wasn’t until 2013 that I came across Footwork. I had dabbled with and very much enjoyed making music on the Maschine but after hearing tracks from DJ Rashad, Spinn and RP Boo the switch flipped and I knew I had to keep learning more about production in order to capture the sound I fell in love with at that moment.”

She continues with how her passion became a career and how the scene in Chicago influenced the new sound she created.

“I needed a passion, a focus, and a means of expression, and this just felt right. My music is influenced by Chicago footwork but I often stray from the mold and while I find my tracks often incorporate elements of footwork or Juke I am not from Chicago so it can only be derivative. I want to put it out there that it’s a huge part of why I make music and I have nothing but love and respect for all the dancers, creators, and originators of Footwork.” 

Motivation is the most important to becoming successful. Music is one of the biggest things that motivate artists, especially PUFF.magic. It’s all about the music, culture, and dance floors for most artists. Having the opportunity to create and the opportunity to perform for others. 

“Love for the music, the culture behind it, and the opportunities to express myself and to work with other artists and collectives.”

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This industry requires a bulletproof mindset. You need consistency, discipline, and resilience because there’s a lot of rinse and repeat (make music, release music, perform in order to expose your music) and at times no visible progress. She stays on course by “The drive to improve my sound, mainly in quality but also in style and an IDGAF attitude when it comes to what people think unless they are someone you can learn from.”

Formerly known as Jamfransisco, she had the courage to take the leap and to take her DJ career in a new direction. Changing her name to PUFF.magic and creating a different sound than before. Making this decision was difficult but rewarding in the end:

“The decision to change my name was based on finding my focus. I had a newfound sound and wanted to focus on production. DJing has always been one of my favourite things to do but I am not a performer, I am a creator and I needed to make that shift in order to improve my skills and style within music production and I am still on that journey, it has really only just begun.“

Her latest track ‘Elements of Style’ has been featured on KCRW. As a part of the collective efforts to give back to the community, portions of the proceeds on Bandcamp will be donated to EQ50. It is a collective of women working towards fairer representation in drum and bass. PUFF.magic hopes these donations can help to further their initiatives, create more spaces for education and assist in fueling real, necessary shifts and changes across the board. All of our proceeds will go to EQ50 until EOY and PUFF.magic’s portion will continue to be donated up until International Women’s Day 2022 on March 8th.

Donate to EQ50

“This song had been in my head for years before I ever attempted to lay it down. It is a very different style from what I usually make but I felt the need to pay homage to the originators of the music in my own way. The melodic, jungly feel came from within but the actual samples came from a history I was not a part of but wanted to express my respect and gratitude for. I was also looking for a way to support other women in music, especially not being able to travel and network and attend live events.

“Lots of Practice approached me for a single release and gave me the opportunity to raise some money for EQ50 – an amazing collective who are working toward better representation for women and non-binary creatives within drum and bass. This I hoped would at least raise some awareness about the lack of support, opportunities, and respect within the music industry.”

Listen to “Elements of Style”

Choosing the correct name that is suitable and catchy could be very difficult for some artists. It comes naturally to PUFF.magic when picking out a track name. “Generally I just go with what I was thinking about during the creation of the track or what inspired me to start it, along with emotions, experiences, and interactions both IRL and online or if I am using samples, usually reference them in the title. In regards to Elements of Style, there were many elements from different kinds of music within the track so I figured with my style and various others incorporated, I would name the track accordingly.”

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Whether it’s a best friend, parent or partner there is always someone by your side. In PUFF.magic’s life, one of her biggest supporters is “HYPESTERIA a.k.a my husband.”

What’s been one of the most challenging aspects of your artist path?

“Self-confidence has always been a challenge for me so I try to find ways to educate myself in music especially because not many people like to give constructive feedback, even when they offer it. Another is the inability to attend school right now. My dream is to continue with my music studies, build my skills and have access to a decent studio to create in, not only to improve my music but to one day help others to do the same.”

PUFF.magic concludes the interview with a very powerful message to all her fans and artists in the industry.

“Respect the history of the music you create. RIP Rashad.”

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