Preview: Jozif – Waikiki Pt. 2

Author : Lee Trotter
April 29, 2015

Preview: Jozif – Waikiki Pt. 2


Travel 2,500 miles west of Los Angeles and you’ll find yourself in Waikiki, Honolulu. Judging from the title of Jozif’s new EP on Culprit LA, I think it’s a safe assumption in saying that the beautiful island had a strong influence on this release.

Waikiki Pt. 2 is the follow up release from the original Waikiki release back in September of last year, and where Pt. 1 was mostly made up of nu-disco flavors and elements, Waikiki Pt. 2 seems to suit the vibe of the island much better. Jozif’s Waikiki Pt. 2 EP features two original tracks, with Eric Volta and Hanfry Martinez turning in their interpretations of the opening track, Soonar.

Culprit LA will be the home for the Waikiki Pt. 2 EP, with the EP being available Monday, May 4th. You can preview the EP below, and be on the lookout Monday for the official release.

Jozif: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport
Culprit LA: Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Soonar is a slow paced burner complete with drums that place you in the heart of a rain forest, as orchestral strings and a tempting low groove pull you deeper into the mix. First up on remix duty is Hanfry Martinez bringing a serious tropical rework to Soonar. Not much is changed from the strings found in the original, but the overall atmosphere on Hanfry’s remix is clearly more suited for the energetic dance floors.

To complete the remix package No. 19 mastermind, Eric Volta, steps up with his “Dig You A Deeper Grave Remix”. And the remix title says it all. Consistent with the slow pace of the original, the track then takes a complete dive 6 feet under with synthetic percs floating all around you. The EP is complete with Rondevouz, the second original track from Jozif. With an autotuned vocal and classic deep house bassline the track isn’t exactly ground breaking, but it’s enough to round off the Waikiki Pt. 2 EP