Preview: Dansson – Let’s Get Tight [A-Sided]

Author : Lee Trotter
June 09, 2015

Preview: Dansson – Let’s Get Tight [A-Sided]

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Quality, not quantity. That’s the mantra behind Jesse Rose’s new label, A-Sided. If the name didn’t give it away, the concept behind A-Sided is one quality track per release, and for their fourth release Dansson brings a serious dance floor thumper.

“The best tracks are done with a simple recipe and this one makes no exception…You find out how good a track really is when you play it out in the clubs and after the first time I knew that this is a good one. It was the winner most of the times I DJ’d and I’m really looking forward to the release because a lot of people have been asking me about it” – Dansson

Let’s Get Tight is an excellent fusion of dubby elements with trademark house grooves that capture the essence of the dance floor. With a warm elastic bassline to lure you in, the track kicks things into gear with the introduction of wobbly pads and tight percussion. Broken and chopped up vocals are ever present throughout the arrangement keeping things moving at a steady pace, and rounds off the release nicely. Let’s Get Tight definately fits the ethos of A-Sided. You can preview the track below, with the official release forthcoming on June 15th.

Release Information

Available on Beatport: 06/15/15
Available on iTunes: 06/29/15

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