Premiere: Youngster Rog de Prisco Delivers Two Originals on WHIPBASS

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 24, 2020

Premiere: Youngster Rog de Prisco Delivers Two Originals on WHIPBASS

Talented young artist Rog de Prisco makes another big splash with his latest offering on Berlin label WHIPBASS, while I Am Bam appears under new YAB alias on remix duties.

Italian Rog de Prisco has been making techno since his mid-teens and adding to his unique sound is his passion for rock music that can be heard on his productions. He has landed on key outlets like Ballroom, Renesanz and Autektone and now his latest release on Berlin label WHIPBASS brims with energy once more. His productions have attracted the attention of artists who have influenced much of his music including Claptone, Paco Osuna, Drumcomplex Joseph Capriati Richie Hawtin and many others.

Opener ‘Nemesis’ is a tidal wave of techno revenge. The wall of drums strike a powerful groove and incendiary hi-hats build the pressure as underlapping sub bass adds real weight. The remix comes from Italian producer YAB, a new alias from someone who has already got plenty of fine tunes under his belt. In his hands the track is even quicker, harder and more heads down. It’s a pure late-night banger that will blow minds whenever it gets dropped.

Last of all is our premiere for today. ‘Facom’ gets more eerie, with unsettling synth pulses, freaky vocals and a twisted lead pad all bringing paranoid and dystopian future techno vibes.


1. Nemesis
2. Nemesis (YAB Remix)
3. Facom

Nemesis drops on WHIPBASS on 26th June 2020

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