Premiere: WTCHCRFT “CALMA BB” – Noise Manifesto

Author : Max Spruill
March 08, 2023

Premiere: WTCHCRFT “CALMA BB” – Noise Manifesto

Celebrated for his high-octane tracks that ignite the dancefloor, Brooklyn-based artist WTCHCRFT is amongst the new and exciting wave of Black house and techno DJs and producers.

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WTCHCRFT has carved out his unique style by focusing on both acid and hard techno, while incorporating his own vocals or those of other artists. His impressive discography features releases on labels such as Balkan vinyl, I Love Acid, Jujuka, Haus Of Altr, and Noise Manifesto. WTCHCRFT traverses a wide spectrum of styles, yet consistently delivers a sound that is uniquely his own.

His upcoming EP, The Wych Elm, to be released on Noise Manifesto, is a testament to his skill in minimalism, as he weaves together a limited number of elements while making the most out of the human voice.

As we look ahead to 2023, it is evident that this will be a monumental year in the career of this talented and promising New York-based producer and DJ.

Premiere: WTCHCRFT “CALMA BB” – Noise Manifesto

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