Premiere: WarinD, Rommek, End Train, Other Form & More Contribute to Dissonanze Recordings “Voices From Isolation” V/A

WarinD Dissonanze
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 12, 2020

Premiere: WarinD, Rommek, End Train, Other Form & More Contribute to Dissonanze Recordings “Voices From Isolation” V/A

Dissonanze Recordings returns with the new Various Artists compilation called Voices From Isolation, the third release available in two cassettes and in digital format. Today we present the exclusive premiere of WarinD “MGx2” from this release.

For a total of 16 artists, the first part is composed of tracks by Rommek, End Train, Ingen, WarinD, Cyb, Delusions 3.14 and Other Form.

More About Dissonanze Recordings

Dissonanze Recordings is a label and podcast series from Trieste, Italy.

More About WarinD

Giuseppe De Chiara began his WarinD project, influenced by Acid, melancholic and distorted sounds in September of 2015, In the same time period, he started his own record label WarinD Records to release his first productions.

WarinD Records has welcomed artists of high calibre to its label, including Thomas P.Heckmann, D.Carbone, Codex Empire, Sarin, Dyen, VSK, Trym, Nico Moreno and more.

To date, WarinD features on well known labels such as Instruments of Discipline, Overdraw, Tripalium Corp and Khemia. WarinD has been busy playing in some of the best clubs around Europe: Basis, Tresor, Kompass Klub, Electrowerkz, Transport, Duel and around the world in cities as: New York, Los Angeles, Medellin, Bogota, Manizales, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and more.

He is very appreciated for the skills and energy he employs in his DJ sets, which incorporate techno, hard-groove and acid. He feels the need to express his inner war though music.

Listen to Global Vibe Radio 090 Feat. WarinD

1) Other Form – Togetherapart – Dissonanze Recordings
2) Cyb – Erased – Dissonanze Recordings
3) WarinD – MGx2 – Dissonanze Recordings
4) 3.14 – Ilotas – Dissonanze Recordings
5) Delusions – Strong – Dissonanze Recordings
6) End Train – Your anger Is legitimate – Dissonanze Recordings
7) Rommek – Stick it to the man – Dissonanze Recordings
8) Ingen – Dot crawl – Dissonanze Recordings

Dissonanze Recordings Voices From Isolation incl. WarinD is available on Bandcamp

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