Premiere: VNNN. “Fake Friends” – The Third Room

VNNN "Fake Friends"
Author : Max Spruill
April 19, 2022

Premiere: VNNN. “Fake Friends” – The Third Room

The Third Room‘s day one player Almedin Alibegovic, AKA VNNN., gives his debut with a four track EP called “Give Me Some Attention”.

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A dark main theme, beginning with slower ambient-like trap beats, going into clean but cultrate techno, closing the climax with a morning sound track. Reflecting the atmosphere of a whole night of choreomania in the Ruhr Area, this EP has a deep and timeless mood in which you want to get lost for a night or even longer. You can find the whole thing on Bandcamp.

Listen: VNNN. “Fake Friends” – The Third Room

Connect with VNNN.: SoundCloud | Instagram | Bandcamp