Premiere: Tsimtsum Delivers Four Warehouse-Ready Techno Weapons on Feel Raw Audio

Tsimtsum Tokamak EP Raw Audio
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 09, 2020

Premiere: Tsimtsum Delivers Four Warehouse-Ready Techno Weapons on Feel Raw Audio

Tsimtsum brings his background in classical composition to his powerful debut Tokamak EP on Feel Raw Audio as he explores four deftly detailed techno cuts designed for massive warehouses.

Tsimtsum is a newly emergent artist whose unique sound is already fully formed. It is characterised by “virtuos sound transformation, hyper-symmetric architecture and disciplined dramaturgy. This first ever release reveals the artist to have a wide musical horizon and a big love of, and full dedication to, club sounds.

Twitchy opener ‘Nefertiti’ pairs heavy techno drum work with deft IDM synth design. It is an atmospheric, cavernous cut filled with evocative industrial motifs. The equally impressive ‘Balete’ is another spacious track, this time with dubby chords and fizzing static filling the airwaves as drums way down below grow in menace.

Check out the exclusive premiere of ‘Igor’ from Tsimtsum Tokamak EP on Feel Raw Audio below:


The classy sense of spatial awareness continues on ‘Igor’, an eerie and unsettling track of whirring machines and off-grid percussion that gets ever more manic and unhinged. Last of all, ‘Bakaneko’ is a perfectly swung dub techno banger with subtle effects that bring to mind alien life forms.

More About Feel Raw Audio

“The feeling I reach when I am in the mountains,
nearing a creek, river or stream,
and there’s a waterfall

The emotion I get when I am outside,
surrounded by the earthiness of life, and it rains

The sensation I experience when I have music;
this sound pierces something so raw and pure;
My hearts must ache with both the desire to cry and laugh at the same time.”

Sarah Lynn Wilkerson



Tsimtsum Tokamak EP drops on Feel Raw Audio on 13th November 2020

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