Premiere: Trovarsi Remixes Annika Wolfe for Akela Recs’ Fifth Outing

Akela Trovarsi Annika Wolfe
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 21, 2020

Premiere: Trovarsi Remixes Annika Wolfe for Akela Recs’ Fifth Outing

Commitment Issues is three-track EP on Akela Recordings featuring two different versions of an original track by label boss Annika Wolfe and a remix by Trovarsi. Both artists are based in the Los Angeles area and are regulars contributors to its bustling techno and underground scene.

Trovarsi is a LA-based live performer, DJ, and producer that brings new, darker sounds to the world of electronic music. With a hybrid blend of analogue synths, drum machines, modular, and Ableton, she builds a pulsing atmosphere to any set she plays, with a particular penchant for captivating LIVE performances.

Founder of Akela Recordings, Annika Wolfe is a multi-genre Producer/DJ from Southern California with a penchant for techno and electro.

Commitment Issues (12th Mix) – The “12th Mix” is a sharp and clean, four-on-the-floor groover. It’s in limbo between both Techno and Electro. It has elements of Electro with the funky basslined, wavy synths and early Juan Atkins-Cybotron influenced vocals. It also has a very stripped, and straight forward early Detroit techno feel to it.

Commitment Issues (Kickflip Mix) – The “Kickflip Mix” is a broken-beat Electro track that has a lurky, slick feel to it. It is 100% the same exact track as the 12th mix. The only difference is the kick rhythm adds for a nice touch of attitude.

Commitment Issues (Trovarsi Remix) – Trovarsi’s interpretation of “Commitment Issues” is a very kittenish Jacking Techno track. The track toys with elements of past and present between the blots of acid, ’90s chords/stabs and hip-moving tom grooves.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of Trovarsi’s remix below.

Listen to Trovarsi’s 6AM Guest Mix here

Listen to Annika Wolfe’s 6AM Guest Mix here

Annika Wolfe’s Commitment Issues with Trovarsi EP is out on Akela Records April 28th

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