Premiere: TMPLT Discusses the Launch of TMPLT Records and his Double Longplayer Album “The Verge”

TMPLT "The Verge"
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 28, 2020

Premiere: TMPLT Discusses the Launch of TMPLT Records and his Double Longplayer Album “The Verge”

Berlin-based Artist TMPLT is launching his own imprint, TMPLT Records, and does so with a brilliant double Longplayer-Album named The Verge.

Inspired from the sound of e.g The Prodigy, Martyn, Finger Lickin’ Records and a lot more, TMPLT creates 12 unique tracks with dark and massive bassline-impacts. The Verge is a musical journey through various genres such as drum ‘n’ bass, breakbeat, dub techno away from the typical 4-to-the-floor rhythm.

TMPLT is using his broad musical spectrum in every track to present different styles and moods across musical borders.

For example, the Track “Karta” is absolutely dance-floor orientated and can be played in any club between 4-to-the-floor tracks.

Other tracks like our premiered track today called “Pureight” are perfect to hang out and chill before going to a rave… The impact of his typical deep and massive bass-heavy sound feels warm and is made with analog machines like Roland’s SH101, JOMOX 999. Break-beats undoubtedly take center stage in many of the album’s tracks.

6AM grabbed a chat with TMPLT to discuss his journey as an artist, the launch of the label and what this album means to him.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you doing and holding up through these strange, different times?

COVID-19 hit the artists, labels, clubs, booking agencies and the whole scene very hard.

I found it a little surreal at the beginning. Shopping with a mask, no bars open anymore, no restaurant. It felt like the beginning of a video game like “Resident Evil” or something like a bad horror movie…

It’s slowly loosening up, and then it feels good. I hope that COVID-19 will not return to this extent again.

How has it been for you, being quarantined in Berlin?

I have a normal 9 to 5 job. At Native Instruments, we all work from home. With us, there was no short-time work.

So I continued to work normally from home and after work, I usually go into my studio,

So from a financial perspective, it was okay for me. But I hope that DJs, live acts and booking agencies and clubs can work normally again soon and they will survive the pandemic.

Have you been more or less productive in the studio? Why do you think that is?

Many ideas came up during the home office period, but the album was ready before COVID-19.

I could release a second album with material that I developed during COVID-19. But I will split the tracks into four singles…

I bought some new Synths like the Korg Monologue XD or some Euro Rack modules.

During COVID-19 I recorded a lot of kick drums from the JoMoX XBASE999 which are available on my Bandcamp site.

TMPLT "The Verge"

TMPLT “The Verge”

You are launching your own label, congratulations. When and why did the idea come about to start your own imprint?

I had very tough 2 years behind me. I was in a “bad” mood. From that feeling, the song “Pureight” was produced. After that, I continued making breakbeats with a touch of techno in it, like what I heard back in the day. Stuff from Finger Lickin’ Records, or The Prodigy, Ostgut Ton inspired me a lot.

So I had up to 18 tracks done and I searched for a label in order to release the Album…

In March 2020 I had a booking request from Munich from Sandra Gold (Palais Club). We had a long phone call and I told her about the TMPLT album. Sandra then introduced me to Andre Kronert. Andre then heard the album and said – make your own label. I will help you find a distributor.

So I called my graphic assistant of trust, Claudie Eden Design, and we developed a design for the cover.

At first, I wanted to do the mastering myself, but I left it in the golden hands to Brian Sanhaji and, I think, he was extremely good at putting the finishing touches on it.

I know you’re just at the beginning of this journey but how has it been so far? What are some important take-aways and lessons you’ve already learned?

It’s going pretty well at the moment. The path to the album was not easy. The album was already finished in mid-2019, but I was not 100% satisfied. It was just “too happy” for the mood I had during this time…

So I learned to give myself time until I’m satisfied. I also think that it was a good decision to have someone else master the album, and not do it myself.

This first release comes from you. Is that going to be the direction for the label moving forward or do you plan to invite other artists?

Yes, with the second release I have the remixers Andre Kronert from ODD EVEN Records and Maticc on Board.

Then TMPLT003 will come from me again, but two of my favorite artists will be on the vinyl as remixers.

Unfortunately, I can’t say who that will be, so stay tuned!

The LP is a proper journey, really enjoyed navigating through it. How long did it take you to produce it and how was the selection process for which tracks to include and which, and here it’s me imagining there are some, to leave out?

Thank you for your kind words.

The production period for “The Verge” took about 6 months.

In the end, I had about 16-18 tracks, which I then sorted according to feel. I think the “Int” followed by “Pureight” is a good start for an album like this.

I offer the tracks that didn’t make it to the Album as free tracks on my Bandcamp page.

What do you hope the album conveys to the listener?

Good question!

I think it doesn’t always have to be 4-to-the-floor to be able to dance!

A bit of an unfair question but do you have any favorite tracks here?

My favorite Tracks are “Pureight,” “Karta” and “Vrash”!

What would you say inspired you the most through the production of these tracks?

Arranging kick-drums is the most fun part for me. I could rearrange kick patterns the whole day. It’s a nice journey to find the right pattern for the exact part of the track.

2020 has been a strange year for everyone. What do you hope to get from it as the months progress?

It has been the stangest year ever… But I hope that all people will take care of themselves a bit more than before COVID-19.

Tell us, what are the first two things you will do when quarantine is over?

1. Going to the Ggm
2. Afterwards, a proper rave would be awesome!

Thanks for having me.

TMPLT "The Verge"

TMPLT “The Verge”

Track Listing:

A1 / 1. IN
A3 / 3. 4FLOR
B1 / 4. THO ARA
B2 / 5. STNYYU
B3 / 6. KARTA
C2 / 8. HRDHEX
C3 / 9. OLD DTB
D1 / 10. MARCH55
D2 / 11. BRCE
D3 / 12. OUT

TMPLT The Verge [TMPLT001] is out in all Vinyl Stores and online-shops on June 30th as well as two 180 grammheavy 12″ Collector-Vinyls records. Pre-order it on Bandcamp HERE.

Connect with TMPLT: Facebook | SoundCloud