Premiere: The Weird & Wonderful X Skint Present Wax Wings’ Latest Remix EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 08, 2018

Premiere: The Weird & Wonderful X Skint Present Wax Wings’ Latest Remix EP

Wildly creative and feverishly hard-working DJ and producer, Wax Wings, presented his Whisper EP back in June; just as summer kicked into full swing. Now in the thick of the season, Wax wings returns with a Remix EP, calling upon some of his nearest and dearest to provide new takes on tracks from “Whisper”. As far as the original EP was a series of dance floor hard hitters, this remix EP goes one step further taking tracks in a plethora of weird and wonderful directions.

Kicking off proceedings, a radio-edit of key track “Whisper”. As any good radio goes, this edit snips the build up from the start, condensing down to the core elements that make “Whisper” a real peak time track.

Next up, “Never Come Back” receives a complete transformation from Berlin-based producer, Cressida. Cressida’s ‘Karlshorst Klub Mix’ showcases the elements of Berlin techno that first put the city on the map as a Techno mecca. Booming and unrelenting kicks and red sirens sound throughout. Maintaining some subtle nuances of the original swirling melody, nevertheless, this is undoubtedly a big room track that sits perfectly at home, pounding the walls and floors of Berghain main room.

After their remix on the Gravedance EP, D-Code & Psylence return, giving their touch to “Shame”. Much alike its predecessor, this remix is another ultimate big room track. Capitalizing on the reggae dub vibes of the original, D-Code & Psylence add more depth with the incorporation of darker grime and heavy drum and bass elements, synonymous with their own sound. Italian born and East London based, DJ and producer, Samantha Togni also presents a remix of “Shame”, taking the track in a completely new and original direction. By re-arranging the drum and bass elements, the track takes on a far more chugging and less danceable feel; Almost unrecognizable to the original.

Rounding off the EP, Anna Wall’s “Made It Wet Remix” of “Rain” is suitably placed too close of a whirlwind remix EP. A stripped back edit of the original, the emphasis is taken away from the vocals, placing more focus on the cutting kicks and gritty bassline that make the original such a showstopper.

Track List:

1 – Wax Wings – Whisper (Radio Edit)
2 – Wax Wings – Never Come Back (Cressida Karlshorst Klub Mix)
3 – Wax Wings – Shame (D-Code & Psylence Remix)
4 – Wax Wings – Shame (Samantha Togni Remix)
5 – Wax Wings – Rain (Anna Wall Made It Wet Remix)