Premiere: Take an Exclusive Listen to Rob Garza’s “Dobruja” on Armada Music

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 12, 2018

Premiere: Take an Exclusive Listen to Rob Garza’s “Dobruja” on Armada Music

Appealing to the need of dance music fans to discover and feel music rather than listen, Rob Garza’’s ‘”Dobruja”’ offers a sense of mystery none can resist. Bearing signature grooves alongside pad-based soundscapes and breezing vocal chants, this first part of the American producer’’s ‘Dissolve EP’ is bound to leave you speechless and reeling for more.

The San Francisco-based producer and co-founder of Thievery Corporation, known for their holistic performances and electronic-infused modifications of dub, trip hop, reggae, and bossa nova, has maintained a prolific career owing to his ever-evolving taste and diverse influences based off the cultures and styles encountered during his travels. Constantly inspired by his surroundings and experiences, Garza’s artistic foresight has always supported a fundamental motif of connecting people through music; such motivations have led him from opening for Paul McCartney with Thievery Corporation, DJing in Nepal for climbers tackling Mt. Everest, to performing in the most obscure clubs in remote corners of the world.

As a solo artist, Rob Garza infuses his own adept house and nu-disco artistry into every one of his productions, boasting a specific style that is perceptive, powerful and globally-stimulated. After moving to San Francisco in 2009, the producer was enlivened by his time traveling with Thievery Corporation and unearthed a new focus on his DJ sets and music.

“When I first came to San Francisco, I returned to my electronic roots in the dance community while also spending a great amount of time in Mexico, where there is a great dance music scene.  There’s so much going on in terms of people taking influences from all these different genres — like house and dub and new wave and disco — and putting it all together in a way that’s very new and original and inspiring to my own music.” – Rob Garza

Rob Garza’s “Dobruja” is out April 13th on Armada Music