Symmetric and Future of Matter

Premiere: Symmetric and Future of Matter Combine For EP on Lanthan.Audio

Symmetric and Future of Matter combine for a 6-track EP titled “Between Two Thoughts” on Christian Gerlach’s imprint that includes 4 originals and remixes by Enos and My Flower & Darse.

Enjoy our premiere of “Flesh Uncovered” from the EP below.

Vinyl-Label for ambient and hushed techno-sounds, curated by Christian Gerlach. Read out past interview with Gerlach here.

Symmetric and Future of Matter are two distinct acts. Read more about them below:

Symmetric creates and also showcases, in his every performance, a mixture of feelings & deep atmosphere inside from hypnotic rhythm and mind cerebral melodies.

“Past is an enormous place, with all sort of things inside. The present is merely a narrow opening ,with room for only one pair of eyes. Yours.

What’s wrong with feeling nostalgic? It’s the only distraction left for those who’ve no faith in future. Maybe nostalgia is the path for eternity. You don’t have to be educated, rich or strong to enter this journey. You don’t even have to know where you’re going. We use music to travel the past and decorate the Future.” – Future of Matter 

Symmetric and Future of Matter “Between Two Thoughts” is out February 14th

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