Premiere: SubXtOrt Returns to Format Recordings with Politically Charged “Harsh Duality” EP

SubXtOrt Format Recordings
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 19, 2020

Premiere: SubXtOrt Returns to Format Recordings with Politically Charged “Harsh Duality” EP

SubXtOrt returns to Format Recordings for the politically charged and musically diverse Harsh Duality EP. Forged amidst the social awakening and reckoning of America’s future, this EP spans four tracks that each explores a different sonic aesthetic.

The title track “Harsh Duality” is a tightly produced anthemic banger, followed by abrasive textures and the schizophrenic energy of “Total Surveillance” presented as a highly polished arrangement and its original one-take raw modular mix.

Rounding out the release is the absolutely pounding track “American Police State” which draws heavy influence from the iconic sounds of classic Chicago techno with a focus on heavy kick drum drive, skittering percussion, and hypnotic looping synth lines that carry the warehouse techno sound forward.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of the entire Harsh Duality EP from SubXtOrt on Format Recordings below:


More About Format Recordings

Format Recordings is a Chicago based Techno label dwelling within the darker side of the underground, pushing the boundaries within the dark side of the underground Techno realm.

More About SubXtOrt

SubXtOrt is a producer, DJ and visual artist based in the American Midwestern city of Milwaukee.

Informed by political and social unrest, subXtOrt creates audio and video textures inspired by the dystopian nature of current world conditions. As a performer, subXtOrt fuses live hardware-based synthesis focused on up tempo hard techno and industrial sounds, creating a dance floor intensity that stands out as a one of a kind experience which delves into new sonic territory with every performance.

His music has been played and supported by techno visionaries such Ken Ishii, Perc, Charlotte De Witte and a host of underground artists leading the charge in the insurgent industrial techno scene.

SubXtOrt High Duality EP is out Oct 23rd and available HERE

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